weirdest experience ive ever had while smoking..its crazy

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    hi all, i wanted to post a story about what happened to me and my friends the other day when we smoked to see what you all think about it. ok so me and two of my friends (were juniors in highschool) were smoking some bangin ass weed in my backyard. we smoked two blunts, we usually smoke like 2-3 times a week for the last after we smoke, its a normal high and were havin fun. we were like this for about a half hour when one of my friends starts laughing uncontrollably. like he cant even talk and is hysterical for like ten minutes. so now we all get like this...bouncing in our seats laughing noone can talk. now ino its pretty common to laugh when your high but this was like getting pretty ridiculous. so now the one who started the laughing lays back in the chair and now were all laying like that. but now he starts sayin he doesnt think he can sit up straight. neither can me and the other kid. we were talkin about how its like being on a roller coaster going the g force. this is where it gets weird. i dont remember exactly how it started but we all sort of realized at the same time that we were all thinking of something...and we were out loud like sayin "omg what it is, i cant think of it" we all new what each other was talking about. then the next thing i remember is were all sitting on the edge of our chairs...literally chanting... "were all thinking of the same thing!!" we were getting loud as hell and it was really like so then we stopped and we just sitting there. this gets even wierder. now in my head im thinking, sort of like a dream but im awake, it just in my mind that im in an amusement park and im online waiting to buy a ticket. (i think it was an amusement park cause we were tlaking about being on a rollercoaster) so i get to the counter and hand the guy the money for the ticket. as im about to take the ticket my friend sitting across from me goes "did you guys buy your ticket yet?" i go wtf yeah i just did and so does my other friend. now im thinking wtf how did that happen at the same time i was buying it. so now im still i guess thinking this..and i go to get on a rollercoaster..on of my friends goes..what cart number are you in my mind i look down and see cart 12. i say, im in cart 12..they go omg, holy shit me to. so now im kinda like what the fuck. it really felt like whatever i was picturing in my mind, my friends were seeing the exact same thing..there were a few more instances when that happened..i cant really remember all of them. but it was like we all new what the others were talkiing about and doing (in the ausement park). so i started to get scared like whats happening..and then the two of them start chanting "will whats wrong" like we were before about thinking the same thing.... and just kept doin it for like 5 minutes..simultaneously sayin that. and then when i was like why are you guys all sayin that..they just started laughing alot like before...idk but about 45 mintes passed since we smoked and it just stopped i wasnt reall high this was over and i was coming down form we ordered dominos and thats the was weird as fuck and idk if it was our imagination and becasue we were high we thought it was crazy we were all thinking about an amusement park or what..but i dont get how my friend new i was "buying a ticket". idk tell me what you think..we were all freaked out by this lol
  2. Punctuation is your friend...cliff notes please
  3. I got halfway through and had to stop. You need to use punctuation!
  4. Sucks you had to stay back a year. Sounds like a great bag or some great sociological placebo. Either way, sounds like a good time.
  5. I just looked at that huge mass of writing and was like "There's no way in hell I have the brainpower to read that whole fuckin thing"
  6. yea i managed to get halfway and then couldnt read anymore. seriously needs punctuation

    and careful about saying stuff like being a hs junior, you could be 18, but if youre not youre not supposed to be on here man. make sure to read the rules.
  7. so omg this is crazy right i got onto a thread on gc and some dipshit didnt use any punctuation it was like impossible to read the 100000 words of uninspired text placed in front of me cause no one could figure out what the fuck was going on bla bla ablabakasknsaiufhsa


  8. Wow, you guys are really into puncuation. Sounds like fun OP, I love it when shit like that happens.
  9. Yeah...I made it about the part about laughing uncontrollably.
  10. paragraphs are fun
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    you suck at using punctuation as well and your repeating what people have already said.
    do you think you are really cool?

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