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  1. is it just me...or would it be weird if you finally got up the guts to rob somebody, and cased the place, and found out they had a young son, and waited and waited and waited, and then finally one night everyone left, and then you kicked in the door only to find the son (whom you thought was gone as well) masturbating to home made videos of his mother and father, while grandma watches with her hearing aid down, eating a bucket extra buttered, extra salted popcorn? wouldnt that be weird?...

    or what if you were to find this great place with minimal security, lots of fountains out front and birds perching on the ceiling, many bedrooms, room service, cable, the works! you case this place too, and wait and wait and wait, and on the darkest night of the month, with all the lights off, you sneak in...only to find grandma masterbating to tapes of her grandson masterbating to tapes of her son having sex while she watches eating popcorn? THAT would be weird...

    what about if you were on a trip, and it starts to rain, and you see a rainbow, and decide to look for its pot of gold, so you tredge through this thick dense lush green forest with deer and rabbits and squirrels...when you finally stumble into this clearing with this low audible hum, as tho angels were rejoicing, and notice the rainbow "lands" here, and you can almost hear the gleaming of the pot of gold, then you look right only to realize that the leprechauns belt buckle is clanking as he is watching old fat lady porn and eating popcorn with his spare hand while 14 year old masterbating boys dance around him?....yeah, im pretty sure that would be weird..

    what about watching your 6th grade graduation video tape, realizing that you were a fat bastard!, suzy wasnt wearing panties, greg still had a big nose, and that ms laugherty was really really old and balding...only for a moment of static to appear, then your parents grunting away on their homemade fuck video that you didnt expect at all!..and then liking it, and starting to masterbate to it, when all of a sudden this fucking weirdo dressed in black busts off in your door pushing grandma with a bucket of popcorn and no pants.......yeah, thats a really weird situation..

    im high, that was a rant, i thought i was done, then one came...
  2. holy shit im so high i am laughing so hard no wait.....full body shivering...hahaaaa laughing again while masturbating to a video of the ice cream man humping a midget dressed up as a grandma while lathering him with a bucket of extra buttery popcorn and hank standing by with a mask on cracking a leather whip. this isn't weird is it?
  3. nope, not at all, im high again, smoke last half of a joint..blowed.high, blazed mo fo's
  4. thats not what i expected from you! i thought i had started a whole rant time warp.....dammit i thought u and nubbin were gonna do it again but thats gayyyyyim high
  5. Norm, the third scenario isn't as weird as the other ones but, man, the other ones were really weird.
  6. what? dont find rainbows weird?!!!!<!!!
  7. I really don't think that rainbows are weird! In fact the only weird thing about that third scenario was that he chose popcorn instead of say, sour patch gummies or strawberries. We have to assume he's high. I mean, he's a leprechaun. He can have anything he wants and you know that right next to any gold he may have is the finest weed in all of the world. He has to be eating because of the munchies. So, the popcorn is what I really find weird. Not rainbows!
  8. so you frequently have underage boys dancing the masterbator in circles arond you?
  9. haha i see those kinds of things all the time...but i am also strange myself im baked

  10. NOT A DAMNED THING WRONG WITH THAT!!....waaaaaakke and baaaake!!!!! wooo hooo this mo fo is already gettin stoned, and its 8 in the morning!!...OUCHIE MOTHER HELL MONKEY DOGS ASS!!

  11. Well........YEAH!!!!
  12. oh..well..i guess that aint quite that weird then...just had a wreck while i was coming down..pretty scarey..nned sleep, bye
  13. ummmmm, i'm not high and that was still pretty fuckin funny, well i gotta go make some flesh tunnels now byes!
  14. HAHAHAHA THATS THE FUCKING FUNNIEST THING IVE EVER READ.. thank you namron :D you should smoke up more often..
    im pretty ripped, which makes it even better.

    *blankly stares at monitor under blacklights

    "woah dude.. that WOULD be wierd"

  15. is i got super fucked up..wake and bake, and i still buzzin a lil..sleep good tonight..thanks thanks...
  16. ahh... the wake and bake... i used to do it every day. sometimes as early as 6:30am... but usually around 8:05... just as soon as my parents left for work :) lol
  17. holy omg! i laughed so hard i thought i couldnt breathe .... wtf?....was is with you and masturbating boys?? it would ALWAYS go back to masturbating boys ..... lol .... gotta love the ganja!:D

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