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  1. My brother was just arrested. It was over a case I was pretty sure we had already settld. About half a year ago, a little after christmas my brother was arrested he had his adderall on him, and was smoking weed. So they arrested him and threatened to press felony charges, but he didn't do anything bad in the meantime, and they decided to just give him community service (which he already did) and give him 2 random drug tests (1 which he's already passed), but this morning two police officers came to his house (I was there from hanging with him the night before) and said they had a warrant for the felony arrest of (his name) because the tests came back from the lab and the substances tested positive for amphetamines, but the thing is the way they ran the trial they acted like they knew it was already adderall, and my brother admitted it to being adderall, so he already served his punishment with it based on what pills he had being adderall, so why are they now arresting him again?

    The cop was a real asshole too when he woke my brother up he said "are you still on drugs son?"
    "No sir"
    "Then what's that bong over there for"
    "Uh officer that's a hookah you smoke shisha out of it"
    "Same thing."

    But yeah, he had received letters saying that as long as he did his community service and passed his drug tests they wouldn't press felony charges since it was his first offence, so wtf are they arresting him now for?
  2. If they had a warrant, you should have read it, would have said why they were going in to arrest him. If he's just on the adderall then try to fight it, that's all you can do really. Get a lawyer or something, don't let your bro rot in the slammer man
  3. u gtta get a lawyer for that shit, and keep all the letters they sent you
  4. fucking swine think they can do what they want and treat real people like animals just like them because they have a dirty ass badge. im sure your bros a nice person and dont deserve any thing like that
  5. Did he have a percription for the adderal, or was he using it to get high. That may be the reason.
  6. Are you sure he passed the first DT? The legal process is very slow... it probably took until now to serve the warrant. I doubt the Physician administering a court ordered DT would tell the patient the results.
  7. Well they have too..

    Get a lawyer, and get a copy of the warrant, and find out what judge issued it.
  8. No. They were saying that they had the warrant issued because tests came back from the lab and the medication he had on him tested positive for amphetamines, but the thing is they already knew it was adderall. And no my brother wasn't using it to get high, he has ADHD and uses it for legit reasons, but he keeps it in his car in bags and apparently it's a felony to take medicine out of the a container with the prescription on it. We know he passed the test because we got confirmation on it from the lab or whatever, I think it's just a paper mixup, and my parents are figuring out what's up and have been getting in contact with his lawyer all day.
  9. Well he got released, no bail pay required. They didn't realize they had dropped the case and apalogized for the inconvenience. But we still have to pay lawyer fees.

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