weird yellowing goin on

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  1. hey,

    I was just wondering what it means when your starting to get slight yellowing mostly in the center of the lower leaves of the plant. These thangs are about 3 or 4 weeks old. still babys. I have three babys in an eben-flo system watering 3x daily one-hour duration, 1 tsp of floragro per gal., 1 tsp of floramicro per gal., and one tsp of flora bloom per gal. under 400 W HPS. area of room is huge and haven't had time to build walls or anything yet:( They also have a slight breeze from floor fan. Thanks in adavnce for everyones help!

  2. Sounds like overfertilizing!!

    At just babies, you need to cut back on the amount of nutes they get. They are still too young to handle full strength concentrations.

    What fert recipe are you using? look at the ones at FAQ section on nute formulations.

    Also read up on flushing an overfertilized system.

    Do you an EC meter? I suggest you get one.
  3. I agree, sounds like too much fertilizer is burning the leaves.
  4. thanks for your help guys, thats probably it. I use the flora hydroponics products and I used 1 tsp per gal. of the grow, micro, and bloom.

  5. well i havnt used any ferts in mine and mine is doin the same thing but on each growtip.So whats my prob.I thouhgt it was lack of light cause my electricity to my grow closet was off for a while.
  6. Hey Greeneyes, perhaps not enough light or the tips could be burning from too much heat from the light. How far away is the light from the top of the plant. Could also be disease. Got any pics
  7. i dont have any pics of it.But its about an inch away from them.There 40 w fluros and they really dont get hot.But it was using too much electrcity so i started to put it outside.Its perkin up since i did that.It just started flowering and i think its a male but im not quite sure so il just hope its a grl.

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