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  1. I just saw this on some website, I'm sure some of you have heard of it/done it, but if not give it s try.

    Go to Wikipedia, any random article will do. Click the first link of any article, but skip anything in parentheses (brackets). Repeat this and you will eventually end up on Philosophy.

    Basically go to any Wikipedia article, and click on the first link that isn't in parenthesis or anything, And keep doin it till you get to philosophy. Weird huh
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  2. whoa thats it took awhile but i went from penis to philosophy.:cool:

    same with potato.
  3. I tried starting with poop it went to waste and then litter and then back to waste
  4. Not really a trick...

    There's a philosophy to almost everything in life, from the abstract like mathematics to the practical like forming a government. It supersedes all academic disciplines, the tip of the umbrella if you will.
  5. Boobs to philosophy
  6. Cannibus to philosophy!
  7. [​IMG]
    ^ Is this a Cannibus? :smoke:
  8. King of the hill works too
  9. A week or two ago, if you googled "do a barrel roll." google did a barrel roll.

    Fuck with it jeeves :cool:
  10. Well, it took like twenty different links for me to finally get there, but yeah, it worked

    Not really surprising since the first sentence of any given article usually gives a simplified explanation of what the topic is, so any link in that sentence is bound to direct you to increasingly broad articles.

  11. damn dude Ive seen that van in real life! they drive around Oregon going to festivals and sell crazy jewlry and shit. Right on:smoke:
  12. not for anything i typr in.
  13. Type in "tilt" and it makes the screen tilt.
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    Wow, it worked with food, and biggie smalls.

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