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  1. so ive got these plants that ive been growing in soil for about 2 months, nothing more nothing less, im not going really hard core into this growing thing yet but im just getting a feel for it a bit. but anyhow these plants have been growing extreeeeeeeeeeeeeemly slow since moving them inside, i dont believe my lighting is right, but just in the past few days my only female plant, i believe has started growing these weird white moldy looking hairs where the new leaves form and sprout. they look just like they could be red hairs but there white and my plant is just a baby. any ideas or advice on what this is, i know yall love looking at pics and helping out so i figured id bring my issue here.

    i know there kinda hard to see, but in the very top of the plant u can tell there are about 5 long white hairs growing.

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  2. The plant appears to be stretching a bit, what lighting do you have?
  3. haha only a 20w wide spec flouresent plant bulb .... ive been looking for a higher wattage light bulb when i go out, so far places have been out, but its something im upgrading in the very near future
  4. white hairs mean female?

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