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Weird weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Arakizuki, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. I just blazed half of a bowl of Northern Lights and I'm completely drowned in Euphoria and have major visual problems and ringing ears?!.

    Seriously, it's ringing bad.
  2. Drugs are bad... mmkay.
  3. Visual problems as in? Seeing things or not seeing clearly?

    You might just be having a small panic attack. Many people find that the ringing in the ears, as well as other sensory changes, eg. sensitivity to light, sound, etc. can be caused by anxiety or panic attacks.

    Otherwise, I've not a clue. Never experienced that before with weed besides my panic disorder.

  4. My eyes have trouble focusing and my ears ring at those bumblebee pitches. Has only been happening since yesterday and I've been smoking this same weed for a week.
  5. Weird as fuck.

    Eat some food? Maybe it's low blood sugar.

    The fact that you've been smoking that same weed and it only just started happening leads me to believe it's probably just something small like low blood sugar or a tiny panic attack.. I don't know though.

    Keep smoking it. :smoking:
  6. Well I only blazed half of it and after eating some pirouettes I'm feeling better but dizzy and drowsy. I did take some snaps off a different nug but they were in the same bag, and the loose pieces didn't act that way on me.
  7. Hope you don't think it's laced or anything like that!
  8. Well, personally - if I get high enough, my eyes look like they're bleeding and they make my vision a bit fuzzy, and I hear ringing in my ears even when i'm not high. So don't freak out OP.

  9. Well i just snapped off the 1st bud, the 2nd being the one that causes this. I just smoked a bowl of the first bud, and I'm not getting any off that previous crap.
  10. #10 Drybananna, Dec 26, 2010
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    Well, my dear watson, Im going to conclude that your bud is broken. Yup, broken. [​IMG]

    Im a detective, I'd know.
    You better give it to me for further inspection. :smoke:
  11. #11 Laith, Dec 26, 2010
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    Different weed give different highs.

  12. Oh really? I'll probably just smoke the first bud sell the second. Some people may like it.
  13. Bad Watson. :mad:
  14. dont trip mayne you just got loaded.

  15. Most of these things I've experienced very briefly. Probably they didn't become persistent because I kept a good mood and just enjoyed it rather than worrying about it. If stuff like this happens you shouldn't worry. It isn't permanent and you should continue to enjoy your high.

    I've had ringing ears and my vision has become blurry like everything is pixelated. If you just relax and enjoy being high they will go away quickly.
  16. may just be side effects your body gets, everyone is different.

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