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weird weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by amean94ta, May 19, 2010.

  1. ok so short story my gfs bro owed her money came up short and gave her a sack to give to me

    When i smoke it like just 2 hits i get dizzy, off balence, sweat, cant focus, cant sleep cause im spinning like i drank too much and just a strong type shitty high it dont make me happy at all.

    its very bright green!!! tons of tiny nugs and alot of shake. no stems was about 3 or 4 seeds to the heavy 1/8th.

    smells like really strong skunk/pepper i mean it reaks bad a few hits and it wont go away. its on my hands in my clothes and lingers for about a hour in the room. its sappy like i roll a joint and the roach at the end is pure black resin/tar and the paper sticks to me so i cant put it down before it burns the crap out of me.

    so anyone have a story like this or any idea what kind of weird ass weed i got handed to me? her brother has no idea and even he admitted he didnt like it thats why he handed it off
  2. maybe very badly cured weed? i dunno man, but it sounds like you shouldn't smoke it. if it makes you feel like shit you should probably get some real weed.
  3. Is it laced with anything?
  4. i do have other weed from my grow i completed its great shit very headstrong and sativa potent. but i like some strong indica at night time and for some god awful reason all my friends can come up with is head stuff (sativa)

    so i been taking 2 hits of the bag stuff and then smoking a joint of my homegrown
  5. no its not laced im pretty sure of that. it does have a show of trichs i have about a 20 sack left but my cam phone takes shitty pics

  6. idk bro.. the way you described it, sounds prettyyyy laced to me... Just because it has trichs doesnt mean its THC dude... tons of plants have different types of trichomes lol.
    If you could get your hands on a better camera, take a pic - might be K2 or kava-kava or some other herb.. who knows...
  7. ^^ yea man... the triches are its way of protecting itself, you can make a plant reaaally resin covered by denying it of any light for its last few days before harvest... it thinks cold is coming and coats itself with triches
  8. Sounds like some dirty shit weed to me...i dont think its laced...just shitty fucking weed
  9. had some Hawaiian Snow that got so resiny by the time it got down to a 3rd of the blunt it would put itself out and not relight cuz it looked like i spit on it. I'd grind whatever you have left of that up and sprinkle it into like a 1/4 of half of your homegrow

  10. Dudeee..... I have to try this when I get my first grow goin!!! Thx! :hello:
  11. Sounds like someone has a low tolerance.

  12. I would have said that, but this is under seasoned tokers.

    This is what led me to believe another drug was in effect. It also doesn't help that the product was very shaky. But like someone else said, this could just be shitty weed or wayy too good of weed.

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