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  1. Okey so I bought some weed abroad but it has a really funky smell to it and looks real weird. So could you guys confirm that it actually is weed? Because I'm unsure. Thanks
    20170327_231356.jpg 20170327_231356.jpg 20170327_231206.jpg 20170327_231120.jpg 20170327_231356.jpg 20170327_231206.jpg

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  2. looks like you bought unwanted trim
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  3. Yeah sounds about right. What about the yellow flower thing? Do they have those?
  4. dont smoke that gnarly shit. gonna give you a horrible headache.
  5. I don't know what that yellow thing is lol, probably just a used up fan leaf
  6. Here I just got some weed, this is what it should look like....
  7. Yellow wont kill you, just lack of nitrogen :)
  8. You can smoke it but yeah, that's just some trim.
  9. Thanks for your responses. To brighten your day I can tell you I paid 32$ for it. In my defence it was dark and I got dropped as a child.

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