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Weird weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cheechchong_pt2, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. I been buying now this weed just regular nick bags. I can make like 4 joints out of 1 bag. Just thin strains of weed with a lot of paper. When I just take one good pull I'm high for like 1-2 hours also I only smoke like 1-3 times per week. Yesterday me and friend got a nick bag of that weed and threw the whole thing in a blunt, I needed like 4 pulls to get that high I do from the joints. How come it required me to smoke more from a blunt to get that same high? And thus you can save up a whole lot of weed in this case, since one thin joint lasts me like 6-8 hours lol, while me and my friend smoked the whole bag in a blunt in 20 mins. Why is this weed so different in blunts and regular rolling papers?

  2. The blunt smoke was harsher then that of the joint so you didn't inhale it as deep and/or for as long. This resulted in you needing to take more hits to get as high, because you weren't holding in the same amount of smoke. Smoke during study hall so you can put more time in on growing some iron lungs youngin'.
  3. Actually the pulls I took of the blunt were deeper and I held them longer too, joint paper is harsher not blunts!
  4. are you sure i think you were to high to remember ^^^^
  5. Blunts are harsher than papers but joints may seem worse to you because youre rolling pinners and smoking alot of paper.
  6. on word.....tolerance!

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