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Weird Weed I Bought

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Poseidon, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. #1 Poseidon, Feb 19, 2009
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    So yesterday I bought an eighth from this dude. It's really leafy and airy and not very dense. However there seem to be quite a lot of trichomes on the stalks and stuff. It also hits pretty hard it seems? It has a kind of delicate fruity flavor too, which is cool.
    Weird. Is this considered bad weed or something? It's just so unusual compared to everything else I've seen. I also learned about two new dealers yesterday and I was just thinking about who to buy from in the future.


    I attached a pic o' my mini bong for good measure!

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  2. Can you get better pics? Like it sitting on a black surface or something with a macro

  3. Kinda looks like Loose mids ? poorly grown mids imo.

    but if it gets u baked then smoke the shit outta them :smoking:
  4. that is quite possibly the strangest bud ive ever seen it almost looks viney
  5. you just bought some lettuce
  6. i bought weed like that before,it smelt really lemony.. but for some reason in joints it wouldnt taste bad and would get me stoned as shit... but in bong it would just hurt to toke butstill would get me retarded
  7. It might be a sativa strain you aren't used to getting...
  8. it kind of looks like it was picked too soon. [​IMG]
  9. it looks like mids grown outdoors that was harvested, cured for a day, not trimmed and sold... with better pictures we may be able to tell you, its mostly likely weed if it smokes like weed though LOL
  10. looks like it wasn't trimmed. my dealer tried to pull that shit on me so i trimmed all the leaves off and brought them back to him. he weighed them and was like " bad dude.." gave me some nugs
  11. trim is cool too smoke, it cashes about twice as fast as bud though, so i usually will pay half price for it max(bags of good trim i mean)
  12. i know it's cool to smoke lol but i'm a stoner on a budget. can't have that shit.
  13. That's not even trimmed.
  14. did u read any post ahead of yours being typing that? lol
  15. #15 Cali Grass, Feb 19, 2009
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    2nd pic looks kind of like some Sour D I picked up a few days ago

    but the first looks.. idk

    EDIT: i took another look and the bud i got had... well, BUD in it :D
  16. #16 mattwood1011, Feb 19, 2009
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    i grow, and thats just untrimmed thats it... (yes i know its been said)

    it weighs down the sack dont buy from him anymore, even if it gets you high 1/3 of the "bud" your getting is leafs and theres a reason that growers cut it off. your paying for the flower when you buy weed not the leafs around the flower..

    but hey fuck it stay high :bongin:
  17. looks poorly trimmed but if it gest you high and you enjoy it, smoke that shit
  18. No trim marks or anything at all. Just untrimmed I guess.
    Pretty good stuff overall I'd say though. I payed standard price for good stuff here (40 and eighth) and I think I got my money's worth, though it's hard to say when you're not high haha. I wish I had seen the comment to trim off the leaf and then bring it back earlier, though I'd kinda feel like a douche doing that because I bought it from a friend I hadn't seen in a year or so and it was pretty good and he's nice and know he wasn't trying to scam me. But in the future I'll probably go with somebody else.

  19. Like others have said, it's just bud that wasn't trimmed. It could be good stuff but you're also paying for all that leaf.
  20. yea very leafy...
    looks like sum kool mids,,,
    def gud joint or blunt herb...
    if u get high, chief it up,
    toke it tz...:smoking:

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