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Weird weed expeiriences

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tod1122, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I've smoked weed three times now and every time it only takes 2-3 hits for me to feel completely out of my mind. everything looks flat even when i look at my hand. and everything looks as if it were magnified or getting closer to me. the latest time i smoked and only 2 hits i felt very energized but the whole room was distorted and i became very ill supposedly from the feeling of being very dizzy from these distortions. i laid down and when i closed my eyes i could see trippy paterns, nothing really clear but not something i would just imagine while sober. every single cloud looks as if it is an actual shape or animal like a perfect fish with defintion and a smile followed by a very detailed pirate ship. my teeth and my cheeks went num this latest time smoking. these expeiriences are very enjoyable except for when i felt ill (also it felt like the room was closing in on me which, with a combination of the distortions was when i felt sick) also i felt like i was better in every way e.g. stronger smarter faster than the 6 people i was smoking with. and again this most recent time i felt so energized i couldn't control my shiver (because it was cold outside) and i literally could not stop moving in speeds that scared me because i couldn't control it. but it felt very good. this has happened 3 times now (except for feeling sick and shaking) so i highly doubt my weed was laced considering i got it from 3 different people each time and nobody felt the same high that i did. and also the first time i smoked i would get an incredible rush of pure amazingness in my chest that was just awesome. is this normal??? am i just lucky to have these exponential effects from weed? and the weird thing is, iv tried exctacy and vicadin and neither of them had any effect on me whatsoever. i also feel completely convinced at sometimes that me and my smoking buddies are just little kids and just the greatest friends in the world (like i literally see then as little kids, smaller and such) and when i look at the land scape it looks like nothing more than a flat painting and objects that are close or far away like my hand look like cardboard. and either like an extremely low quality video game or the best iv ever seen in my life. and the first time i stared in one direction for my entire 3 mile walk home and my most recent time it was impossible for me to stare at one thing. please explain these thing to me. and also why i felt sick if you can. thank you!

    its also very hard for me to finish a sentence because everything just looks distorted and colorful and moving toward or far away from me so i just dont care what people are saying. these visuals ARE very clear.
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    If you didn't say others around you smoked it, I would of said its sounds like your smoking PCP.

    If your 100% sure its just natural buds.. than enjoy those highs while you can.. cause they won't last forever, and not everyone (as you see) gets the same effect.

    But that def sounds like PCP man.. nearly textbook examples of what someone may experience on the drug. Shivers,dizzy,energy,getting sick,feeling stronger/smart/faster,numbness- all effects of PCP, not typical of effects of weed though..

    I have found the effect of weed usually comes in the same euphoria, it doesn't change really.. but it can intensify depending on how much you smoked. But, none of those effects are typical of mary jane. However, they are extremely common when smoking PCP. I would take all that info for what its worth. I have a feeling you thought something was up with the bud..
  3. wrong drug buddy!
  4. Just from the fact that only 2-3 hits do this to you, and your face and teeth are numb after smoking, that sounds like PCP or maybe crank. Might wanna check your shit for crystals or something, man. If it's unusually shiny, that shit's laced. Does it smell like weed or kind of weird?

    But if it isn't laced, it's just the fact that you're really high with low tolerance.

    But, to add my experiences...

    This one time when I greened out my brain had like, one track, and it kept going and going. I was intensely paranoid I was forgetting to breathe because my throat hurt really bad. I looked out the window of the car and saw the lights were multi-colored, and had blurry halos around them and shit. I couldn't even walk. Music sounded amazing, I could feel every single note and vibration of the sounds. It was kind of cool, like an organic trip, until I threw up and passed out.
  5. I've had a strange experience as well when I started out. First blunt I ever smoked. Took it to the dome and sat at my computer for roughly 5-10 minutes when I realized I was staring at the wall. I then tried to focus on something else to avoid this. I tried playing a video game but I couldn't even get in game. My vision was horribly distorted, it was comparably the the snow on TV, know what I'm talking about? when the channel is out. Or almost like a strobe effect but on a less intense level. Anyway that's what it looked like in my peripheral vision. My center vision was normal but I was constantly just zoning out and getting extreme tunnel vision. When I would get locked into a stare I would completely lose sight of what I was staring at and just drift off. I also had a tingling over my entire body when I would sit still and enter this sort of stare. It would completely distract me then I would snap back to reality a few minutes later. I didn't feel sick, I actually felt great. the tingling almost felt like a massage. Anyway it lasted about 5-6 hours then the tingling and tunnel vision began to subside. So to summarize basically I would be doing any normal activity and then slip into a state of somewhat unconsciousness where I would be locked into a stare, images and thoughts would flood my mind then I would randomly snap back into it and be like what the fuck was that.

    Although it was a strange experience I absolutely loved it. I have tried time and time again to reach the same effect but have yet to. Not sure if this relates to what happened to you in any way, just thought I'd share.

    Anyone else experienced anything like this or what the op described?
  6. It's not PCP, it hasn't been laced. Cannabis is a very powerful substance in it's own right and some people experience this more than others when they begin smoking. I myself have very intense experiences (unpleasant in many cases) when I first began smoking, but now even after long tolerance breaks I never reach that level of intensity again and almost wish I could.

    What is being described is derealization which is a psychological side effect of many drugs, mostly dissociatives such as Ketamine, PCP, Salvia, etc, but it can also be caused by Cannabis, which many people seem to forget.

    It is temporary, and can last anywhere from a few hours to a week, but don't worry, you're not the only one to experience this, many people have had the same experience with their first few times smoking, and this is why so many newer smokers claim to have smoked laced weed, when in fact their body had simply not yet adjusted to what they were smoking.

    This is more common in people who smoked dank (very potent weed) their first few times smoking, particularly strong sativas (Which have higher levels of THC), and this is one of the reasons that some are afraid of a link between Cannabis and psychosis. There is a link there, but the "psychosis" encountered is a temporary derealization, not pleasant at the time, but it quickly passes and is nothing to be worried about.

    Ignore the people who are saying it's laced, I imagine other people smoked the joint, and they did not experience any of these effects? It was not laced, it is not economical for someone to lace weed, and if they do they will let you know in advance and make sure you pay for what they're lacing it with, since they're losing good money otherwise.

    Sounds like you smoked a real nice sativa, I miss the days when I was that high, at the time it was a little scary, but now I'd give anything to get those kind of highs back.

    Peace man, and chill, it's nothing to worry about, it'll pass in time. :)
  7. JesusGreen if you don't mind reading my experience above as well and tell me if you think it was the same thing? I highly doubt it was laced seeing as I got it from my cousin not to mention it would be a waste of money for the person who would have done it. Oh, and it was not dank. Far from it actually. I always assumed it was just my first real high.
  8. #8 Willy The Squid, Apr 23, 2010
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    Its really just a guessing game, its not common for people to experience that kind of stuff on weed. However, it is common for people to experience those feelings on PCP. Which is why the possibility, remains a possibility. He is right though, most dealers are going to get their money for that extra ingredient. If you look at the effects of PCP, you will almost see a mirror image of what you described. Thats the only reason your seeing responses like you are.

    Anyone who tells you its def. one thing or another over the internet is just bullshitting, they don't really know, cause they haven't seen what your smoking.

    I would say its likely to be just regular green, because the other kids your smoking around are fine. However, its not common to experience any of those effects off of 2-3 hits of mary jane- and if it is, give me the bud your smoking.

    Its all just an opinion, no one can really say for sure unless they see the bud or smoke it themselves. Are you smoking blunts? That might explain the sick feeling..

    But yeah, my guess is its just regular bud and your getting really high. Do your friends knock on your or anything when you get that high? Do you see any indications that they are getting off on watching you like that? That would be the only reason I would see someone would give you laced shit, but even then. Its just curious your experiencing effects that are typical to PCP, especially the shivers part/sick feeling, and rush of energy, weed typically does the opposite (although you it is common to twitch on bud, but not shiver).
  9. #9 JesusGreen, Apr 23, 2010
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    It was your first "real" high as such. That's exactly what I experienced. My first 2-3 times smoking I just got the giggles and felt a bit odd, but the 4th time I smoked my vision was distorted, I had a full out of body experience thinking I was going back and forward in time, time slowed to a halt.

    You're missing the bigger picture here. If only 5-10% of people experience this during their first few times smoking, and 100% of people experience this on PCP, that does not make it more likely to be PCP, because what you're forgetting, is that less than 0.01% of all weed sold is laced, in fact 0.01% is a very high estimate. 5-10% > 0.01% by far.

    I'm saying it's not laced because I have a good knowledge of both dissociatives (which PCP is) and Cannabis. PCP's effects will remain in full flow for 4-6 hours and the other people smoking it would be equally as inebriated, even with a high tolerance to PCP and other dissociatives, it is very very obvious when someone is under the influence. If the weed was laced there would be no questions asked, everyone smoking it would know immediately. I have laced my own weed with dissociatives (Ketamine in particular) and I can tell you it is not something you could smoke and then say "Hmm, was it laced?" - you'd know the minute you smoked it.

    When I had a similar experience to the OP's it was also from just 2-3 hits on a joint. It happens, tolerance works in a weird way. When you first smoke, you are likely to get less high than others (unless you smoke a large amount), because your mind has not adjusted to altered states so much yet, and so you sometimes do not feel very high (Though some people avoid this entirely). After a few times smoking you know how to inhale best, your body quickly knows what to expect from the altered state of mind, and suddenly it hits you, in most people, it hits hard, in others, it hits so hard it knocks them off balance, and I do know some people who were put off smoking forever by similar experiences, sadly if they'd continued smoking they would have learnt that it is just something that happens to new smokers, and quickly dissipates.

    It's normal to feel sick when you are so disorientated, and as for the rush of energy, dissociatives are not associated with a rush of energy, however, being NMDA agonists they do increase serotonin and dopamine production marginally, causing mild euphoria.

    Derealization is almost identical to the dissociated state produced by PCP, Ketamine, DXM, etc, only it lacks some other subtle effects that differentiate it from the dissociation those drugs cause. It can happen from traumatic experiences, and as we all know, smoking a little too much with a low tolerance causes anxiety and paranoia, both of which can lead to derealization.

    Once again, to the OP, do not worry, if the stuff was laced you would have known for sure, and the others smoking it would have too. You'll get past this stage once you've smoked a few more times. Your next few times smoking will probably be quite intense, but nothing like what you just experienced, so just go with the flow, make the most of it, and in a while you'll be wishing you could have such intense experiences once again.
  10. the OP experienced this three times from weed from three places, and the others he was smoking with were not experiencing this.

    He is not getting laced weed from three different place, that is too high of a coincidence. He is not getting laced weed.

    There are always noobs on AP Tokers thinking their weed was laced. He didn't. There are also people on here all the time with similar stories. You just CAN get hella high your first times.

    OP an others, don't worry the high gets a lot more mellow with time.

  11. The first time I went to buy weed with my sister in NC with my cousin in law and her friend, We walked into his house and shit and it was weird because they already were smoking but the FIRST time I ever smelled it I felt for the first time in my life my entire body just relax all at once and nearkly felt magical. I just dont know how to explain it but that shit was trash until I got the bong heavy...
  12. I felt like this the first time I smoked weed. I think it's just because your body/mind doesn't know what to do with the new stimulus so it's natural reaction is to freak the fuck out. I found it rather pleasant also.

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