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Weird visuals

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LaCurandera, Mar 25, 2012.

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    Last edited: Mar 25, 2012
    When I was a newbie at smoking the herb, we always had dank pickups and for reasonable prices, too.
    That gave way for many space-outs and other funny occurrences. :p

    But I remember from those apprentice times, that sometimes when having the really good type of bud, I immersed into these really weird, hilarious episodes of semi-visual imagination. It's really hard to explain but basically if I kept staring into nothingness, something like a cartoon began to reel before my eyes, but I wasn't exactly seeing it lucidly.

    I suppose this was of the 'happier' psychic effects of strong THC (and low CBD) weed.
    Has anyone else ever experienced this.. "semi-tripping"? Any recollections of what went on?
  2. u got laced br0
  3. #3 LaCurandera, Mar 25, 2012
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2012
    Nope. Laced soap bar I can understand, but no no. The bud in this town was always clean.

    EDIT: How exactly do you cut down solid, dense buds? And who would waste their money on lacing weed and selling it for a regular price? The crooks in this town (probably at least 50% of population) prefer their drugs as they are.
  4. Ive only had closed eye visuals.. it was pretty awesome I was laying on my bed with my eyes closed and I felt like I was levitating.. I never really saw anything though.
  5. Back when I was new to the herb, yes. I think it was my 3rd time smoking when my buddy picked up a couple grams of hash. He invited me over after school to smoke some. Later that night I had to walk home and it was pretty dark out, I took a pretty fat rip before I left, and as I was walking through the park I could see shadow like figure in the bushes. Scary as fuck.
  6. Ugh, Dude, those where prolly real.
  7. This sounds like nothing but a case of good weed bro. Enjoy it!

  8. Yeah whenever I get high at the beach at night I tend to see things in the night. With the low visibility and all the wind it fucks with my senses. Like for example I was walking and looking at a motorboat in the harbor and I thought that the engine on the back was a dude trying to get into it and I wanted to go help him out lmao.
  9. I thought everyone had visuals?
    Every time I occasionally score high quality weed, I have some pretty intense visuals, that only happen in the dark for some reason. If I'm in a room with lights on, or it's day time, I won't have any, but if it's night time I have some pretty extreme ones. For example I was by myself, tuning out to music in my room after taking six or seven good drags from a 2 gram blunt of some premo bud, and the lights were off. About 10 minutes into the high, my curtains morphed into this weird shape and started moving. The lamp next to me became animated, and started moving as well. I closed my eyes, and re opened them to try to make it stop, but then the lamp was fully animated, it was practically about to walk off of the desk. It was momentarily like I was apart of some cartoon series or something. One time though, this almost induced a panic attack, because I looked at a pair of shoes in the dark, and thought they were huge, vicious rats that were moving towards my bed.. lol I freaked out, stood ontop of my bed and thought I was going to have a heart attack.
  10. I've had that before, I think it was just one of the first times I smoke a sativa or something like that. I bought a tiny bag off some kid, smoked it all, lay on my bed and listened to Pink Floyd and I was seeing all sorts of shit. The second I stopped staring off into space it'd all disappear, but I saw some really cool patterns and I even envisioned a dolphin. A fuckin' dolphin, dude.
    One thing you can do to try and reclaim that time is get a vape, get some good sativa weed, and just go to town on it. Smoke yourself 1g+ (depending on your tolerance) and then just chill in the dark and listen to music. I assure you, it'll be awesome.
  11. Yeah, hah happened way back, smoked on a sunny day and stared into the sky for a bit, then I started seeing optical illusion patterns it was fucking amazing

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