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  1. I don't have a set-in-stone dealer that I go to yet, and now that I'm thinking about it, none of the weed transactions I've had in the past few years have been "normal" or to-the-point. 
    One time I was coming outside of a local bar with some friends and ran into a guy I see around the city a lot, he offered to sell me some weed. He had me follow him to a karaoke bar porch across the street, where he sang through the entire trade. 
    Then there was the guy last week who refused to talk to me in a voice that wasn't a whisper, and the closest he stayed near me was five feet. We played fucking catch-and-throw in the downtown library. It was weird. Mainly because HE was weird.
    Have any strange recollections of when you've bought?

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    i once got a half ounce of dank ass blue dream from a transient in
    northern cali for $20. he was on his way to washington (or so he said)
    and had no cash at all, I was a few days away from my pay day and only had
    that $20 to get me through those days.. I made the joke to him 'I'm probably
    more broke than you are right now.' I changed my mind quickly when I took him
    out back of my work in a hidden area  and he showed me the shit ton of weed
    he had in his backpack.. I'd ballpark he had 2 pounds of blue dream and a half 
    pound of 'mystery' haze he got from a trim job (small buds).  The blue dream smelled
    so good.. anyway, after I told him my situation at this point he was like pulling out a
    scale and had me 'tear'/'zero' it out and put a solo cup on that bitch, told me to weigh
    out half an oz so I did. he handed me the cup and said, "$20 and I don't have a baggy."
    I laughed so hard, I thought he was joking. Medical-grade top shelf blue dream that was
    generously cured... I figured he either trimmed/worked for a medi-grower or he jacked one,
    either way I didn't ask, nor did I care at that point in time... Anyway, he assures me that he is
    serious and I call my buddy over on my cell and told him to bring me a ziplock and another for
    himself. buddy shows up less than 10 minutes later and buys  half a pound for 300 or 340 I can't
    remember but the transient was happy as shit that he ran into me at that point, he hooked us both
    up with an extra 2 grams for personal smoke. We thanked him, went back to work and never saw
    the man ever again.
    I forgot to mention I was working Fast Food at this point in my life, so nobody noticed that we were
    super blazed, nor would they care if they did notice lol.
  3. Haha I met a dealer for the first time a few years back. I have a bit of social anxiety, ESPECIALLY when I'm meeting people for the first time, ESPECIALLY when I'm high.

    He told me to come in and smoke during my transaction, I did and smoked too much. I then started having a panic attack and the dealer was like "WTF is your problem dude"

    I was super weird as fuck panicking. Then walked out quickly so I could get some fresh air and went home.

    I never called him back because I was so embarrassed.

  4. The other day I was downtown Calgary an this guy who I swear looked like the homeless guy from big daddy (Steve Buscemi) walked up to me an mumbled something to me an my two buddy's so we were like uhh wtf he's like hey how's it going we were just like uhh fine so we ended up just talking to him about random shit for a few minutes before he pulled out some high grade BC bud an he had tons an he was asking us if we wanted to buy some then he's like how old are you guys I was like I'm 18 he's 17 an he's 18 the guy gos ok as long as you legal an over the legal age of consent I'll sell you some an we were like sorry man we don't got any money right now he's like none at all I was like I have 5$ an he's like alright I'll hook you up for 5$ so he gave me 1.5g's for five so he really hooked me up which is a plus but he was just a weird fuckin guy all together aha he kept trying to get us to go to the park across the bridge so we could blaze with him an we were like nah were heading somewhere an he's like let's just go around the corner in the bushes an we were like uhh ya no ahaha

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  5. Lol I think I know what park you are talking about. It's like walking distance from eau Claire

  6. Haha I know the feeling I have social anxiety too but mine is pretty bad xD

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  7. One of my good friends is my dealer and my last pick up the strangest. So normally we go there and go to the shed in his back yard since he has some room mates which are Mormon and aren't totally okay with the idea of weed and even sometimes he delivers. This last time we arrange a pick up and finish a few dungeons in WoW while smoking and before I left took a road toke. About five minutes from his house he calls me and says he will just come out and what not. So he walks out when I arrive and gets in my passenger door. The transaction happens and his room mate drives home and parks right in front us. Me being incredibly high mention we should drive away so it seems cool. We drive around to the market and spend about fifteen minutes just cruising the aisles. Then return to the house with just a Gatorade. Just a totally strange situation.

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  8. I don't think I've had an odd experience buying bud. One time while I was working at McDonald's I bought a gram from a coworker in the walk in freezer, that's about it. 
  9. when I lived in NJ, we would go to NY to pick up somewhere right off the GW bridge.
    There were certain areas where you'd see random groups of black or puerto rican guys hanging out at the corners. They will stare into the window of every car that slowly passes them by and they'll start to motion some hand signals. That's how we spot dealers in NY back then. So we get out of our car and approach these guys. 
    One guys asks how much we want, another guy takes the money and tells us to walk to the alley where his other buddies are throwing all kinds of hand signals while all the other guys act as a look out. We walk over to the alley and then I see something pop out from the gutter. The guy carrying all the weed was hiding underground in a gutter and he stuck his hand out with a bag of weed to hand it off to us. Most dealers i've encountered in NY had a physical barrier between them and they people they deal to so they can run to safety in case shit goes sour.
    But yea, i thought that was weird as fuck the first time I picked up from the streets of NY.

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