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  1. I topped my plants for the first time in my life a while ago (can't remember exactly which day maybe 2 weeks or less) and one of my plants is growing 4 tops, the other plant's tops look normal.

    The first two pictures are the "weird" one and the second two are my "normal" one that looks alright to me.

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  2. Yeah you topped that first one in fine style.. I think the method for getting four tops is
    called fimming,but I really don't know. I usually only end up with two.

    As for the other, looks like you didnt top it right. I had that happen once, I topped the
    very top a little too late and it just kept growing as normal.

    Enjoy your four headed beast :) That'll rock!

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  3. That's kind of weird, I'm really excited about the four headed best, actually i'm pretty excited about one of her leaves, it's heart shaped! I think I fimmed her weird because all of the center leaflets on that top are heart shaped haha...but i hope the nug will be heart shaped too.

    I thought the second one was better? I thought they were supposed to do 2? I dunno, they look prretty happy so far and I guess i'll just have to wait a couple months before i know what it will look like. They're both female though, you can see their pistols on my digicam and i can kind of see them with my naked eyes.

  4. If there are indeed two tops then yeah you topped them right. Good job! How old are

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  5. My friend gave them to me as small plants and I got them in december, I think he might have planted them in mid-november.

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