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Weird thing my friend did to get more high.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by crossbow, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Ok so three friends and me were just passing a joint. And when it was finished one of my friends took the roach out, unrolled it, lit one of the sides, blew it out quickly, put it up his nose and took a big sniff.

    He claims it gets you more high. Because all the stuff on the roach. I was like :confused:.

    So anyone know if he is just being stupid or does it really work. In my two years smoking I have never seen anyone do that.

  2. i saw a kid swallow the roach because he said it would get him higher. haha

    That kid barely smokes now though, but those where good times
  3. sounds like some bogus myth i once myself heard such a bogus tall tale except the thing was to take a hit then jump up and down 10 times totally not true.
  4. That's some hobo actions, like cutting open a chocolate wrapper and licking the insides

    I'd rather just roll another j if I felt I wasn't suitably stoned
  5. When I was younger I remember we used to play a game called 'microwaves', you had to take a long inhale hold it and spin in a circle until the joint/spliff/blunt came back round to you. Someone always threw up lol.

    Smoking/eating the roach is retarded. If you want to get more high roll another joint.
  6. that's just plain dumb
  7. ima fill another cup and roll another zoooooooooooooooooooooone
  8. #8 buddynugz, Aug 10, 2011
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    Technically that would get you high since more blood would be rushing around in your head and body
  9. Yeah I thought it was pretty stupid :L.

    While we are on the topic anyone got any silly stories and myths they or other people have done for that extra high ect.
  10. It would in theory get you more high. What happens is that he blows it out, creating a cloud of smoke, then sticks it up his nose and inhales. It would be like smoking the roach in a bowl, except probably less effective and likely to burn you. Unless you're talking about just sniffing an unlit roach, that wouldn't do anything.
    My favourite dumb thing is people who eat the stems.

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