Weird text conversation with a stranger... thought it was a friend joking around...

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  1. Hey did anyone ever have a weird text-message conversation with a stranger, and think it was your friend fucking with you???

    It really only happened to me once a couple years ago. I guess it wasn't really a big deal (in retrospect) but at the time I was sketched the fuck out, and I was PISSED when I realized what had happened.

    It went like this:

    I had sent a text to an old friend that I've been friends with for years, but we've lost touch for a couple years. Anyways I had texted her out of the blue just to say what's up.

    So I didn't hear from her, but a week later, when I started getting texts from a strange number, I thought it was HER TEXTING ME BACK. (Her name & number weren't stored in my phone, so it would have been a strange # if she was the one texting me.)

    So at the time, I was high & I was enjoying the conversation with my old friend, as I thought it was. In reality it was a stranger asking "What r u doing?" and "Do u like men?" and other shit along those lines. The whole time I thought it was my old girl messing with me.

    When I got home I was already feeling a bit sketched out and I checked my old girl's # and realized I didn't know who the fuck I was just texting with for 45 minutes! I was very sketched out and I asked who the fuck was really texting me and no answer; never heard from the creep again thankfully.

    Anybody have anything similar happen???
  2. haha thats funny shit bro.

    my friend used my phone one time to call this kid, and he acciddentally clicked on the wrong person with the same name it was hilarious they planned a burn session before school and they didnt even know each other.
  3. Wouldn't that be weird if you were sexing that girl and some creepy old guy sent you a naked picture of himself? I think that would be a better end to this story.
  4. This was 2 years ago...So i'm in a car with some people and we are parked in a parking lot at daytime at the shopping center...Least hotboy place i know of to hotbox...Apparently the guy said he can't "hotbox" in his driveway because his parents are home and will see him "Haha 25 year old guy paranoid about hotboxing in his drive way"

    So anyway we are all high and i get a text and i'm like "There is no way someone is texting me at this time" I get a text from a random fucking number saying

    "You got the stuff" I didn't reply back i just laughed and i then got a call from the number...I'm like haha someone is playing a prank

    So i pick up and it's some dude who sounds like a nerd shut in...I'm blazed and i slowly say "Hellloooooo?" And he then says "Oh i'm sorry this doesn't sound like the person i was trying to call unless you're using his phone" I say "what?" he said oh sorry i dialed the number wrong...

    Wow so he texts and dials the number wrong by one digit? Haha that was funny
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    Well I didn't get into details much but the person DID send me one picture of himself apparently. Relax, he wasn't naked; he was wearing a white T-shirt & white baseball cap iirc. At the time I thought my friend was sending me a pic of her current boyfriend or something. lol After sending the pic the person asked, "Do you like me?" and other such bullshit. lol

    If ur asking about "sexing" my old friend and I have hooked up many good times in the past. :cool:

    We've hooked up when one or both of us had other main partners. lol the indulgences of the past.

    In the present and future I'm in a commited single relationship.

    When i was texting my old friend I didn't want to hook up; I just wanted to chill and smoke a blunt like old times! :cool:

  6. HAHAHA. Funny shit.
  7. hahah why would you think it was your old friend? of all people it could be in the world from a random number, why youre friend?

  8. ^lol I thought it was my old friend because I had just sent her a text a week before, and I was hoping she would call back or text me so we could chill and burn a blunt!!!
  9. yea this. the first thing i do if someone texts me from a strange number is ask who it is. lol
  10. sometimes when im baked i txt people, I hope you have a great day! and sometimes this starts like 2 hour convos. it's kinda funny but i suppose it's also quite sketchy ahaha.
  11. ahaha thats gold man

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