weird stunted growth, close nodes

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  1. OK here's the situation

    pic 1: This is 1 of the 2 the plants in question as you can see, it is very bunched with very little spread of branches.

    pic 2: This gives you some perspective and also shows you the size of the plant behind, which is how all my other 6 plants are in size. All were put in at the same time and being fed in exactly the same way.

    pic 3: This is one of the same lot of plants doing much better

    pic 4: This shows the 2 stunted plants in front of the decent ones.

    Basically I want to know what causes the very close nodes, they are not unhealthy just weird, but obviously I won't get as much off them.

    Anyone had the same issues?

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  2. If they are all clones from the same mother,ya that would be strange,but if they are from seed then NO its not weird. Just genetic's,unless u have a very,very,very stable strain. you can find a bad seed in any strain:smoking:
  3. They are clones from the same mother, not seeds....
  4. Sometime they just grow odd. Its like any kind of plant you have some that grow good and others that are a little off. I wouldnt think you did anything wrong though:smoking:
  5. Well then that is interesting,,if no bugs,,then i wood say when they were rooted,,did u vegg them long did they go thru vegg the same and then freak in flower or have they always ben behind. I run clones myself and if i had 1 like that i wood have ??? too.:smoking: Clones r exact replicas of their mother and iam no expert but if it were mine and looks healthy with no bugs then its the root system is where i wood start to look for what might have happened.

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