Weird stuff after death of a friend

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  1. My mother and her friends were going out to these bridges where they like to party and drink a few beers. They drink and have a good time as usual. Then they are leaving and this dude on a harley wanted to race my moms mustang. She is winning :D but she starts to slow down because a curve is coming up. Being intoxicated he tries to pass her on this curve. She see's him coming up and tries to warn him by turning her right blinker on. He didn't see it and he crashed head-on into a tree. They were giving him CPR and taking the blood out of his mouth, but when the paramedics got there they said he died on impact.

    Ever since that night my moms right blinker blinks significantly faster than the left. I just thought I would share this. Feel free to comment. Ask or anything else.
  2. actually thats cuz of a short fuse, hth
  3. Alcohol+racing, that is one of the most despicable combos on the planet
  4. Yeah. The fast blinker means there is a problem.
  5. fast blinker means one of the bulbs on the circuit is burned out

  6. Indeed. QFT
  7. Sounds like some responsible adults
  8. I thought the blinker doing that meant the bulb was about to blow..
    Highly doubt it's a ghostie.
  9. responses to this thread make me lol.
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    bulb is out on the passenger side. check it out
  11. No. fuses are what complete the circuit, if it was shorted it wouldn't work at all. a bulb is going out, is out, or you and your mom just think it blinks faster.
    too bad that dude on the bike died. :(
  12. I'm an expert on paranormal shit, and yeah this is DEFINATELY a headlight ghost. Yuhp, no doubt about it.

    But seriously check the bulbs, and may the dead RIP
  13. Don't feel dumb, but it blinks fast because the bulb went out on the front or rear. Just change the bulb or the fuse.
  14. i know someone who was racing a friend, drunk. he saw red and blue lights behind him, and tried to run. he attempted drifting a corner, but ended up running into several other cars... totaling them all.

    worst place ever, right at a car dealership. he totaled like 3 thunderbirds as well as his own car.
  15. replace the bulb.
  16. One of your blinker lights is going out
  17. Thanks for all the great replies. The light is still working so it might be ready to go out or something. Also my mom is responsible, shes 44 and raised 3 kids by herself because my dad died in a car wreck when I was 3, so don't call my mom irresponsible. This road is a straight road for like 2 miles, she has known this spot since she was a kid and people race here all the time. The guy on the motorcycle didn't know these parts too well and he started to win becuase my mom was slowing down. SO he tries to pass her, but he didn't know that it was a curve.
  18. Duh that means the fuse is going out but the fact that it was the RIGHT blinker I think is kind of ironic. Maybe not necessarily a "ghost" but certainly ironic it's the right rather than the left...
  19. Uh I'm sorry, any ADULT that's racing at night while intoxicated? That's irresponsible.
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    My mom didn't even have much to drink and he is the one that wanted to race.. my mom is not irresponsible. Go **** a ****. :)

    Disrespect is not tolerated here. *Donks

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