Weird spots on leaves?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Mbrown221, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. 8D66C90A-44B8-4291-88E9-B47839774307.jpeg E93CC9CF-53AC-4A2C-94FB-ACCC5F07C1EE.jpeg CAD7D8C9-A917-4E3E-A32B-2B98E26504A5.jpeg Considering pests, calcium deficiency, or ph problems?
    I check ph every single watering, although I don’t have a decent way to test the actual soil, any tips? I have a reader that sticks into the soil, but the needle never seems to fluctuate. Since that didn’t work well, I thought a better way to tell would be with an actual ph meter- but it’s the kind you put in water so I’m unsure about how to test soil?
  2. You measure the run off water for PH and PPM's.
    That kinda looks like spider mites chewing on the leaves and I saw what may be a pod of eggs too
    Check the underside of the leaves, they are small and hard to see, use a jewelers loupe
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  3. Now you have me wondering also, if it is PH causing this how does a soil grower bring it up or down? Use PH plus or PH down from hydro store? I remember something about adding Lime too.
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  4. Did that just now! It just so happened that one of the plants with this issue needed to be watered, and the reading of what came out from the bottom of the bot was in the 5.3 area but I’ve been watering with 6-6.5.. I don’t see any sort of bugs, the only thing I think I saw was fungus gnats and I actually caught a couple with some yellow sticky traps.
  5. This is similar to the one I bought. It was a cheap one from amazon, it tests moisture, light and ph.. the light and the moisture meters work but I’ve try to stick it outside in my garden, in another house plant and in my indoor plants and nothing changes in the ph option..

    I did think about the calcium and added some crushed egg shells for the moment. I think I’m gonna hafta get some calmag
  6. That has me wondering too, I tried using some ph up in some water and watered it
  7. Changing Soil pH, Soil pH Adjustment, Lowering Soil pH
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  8. Right on....Because egg shells take for-fkn-ever to break down and become available to the root zone...
  9. You’re helpful, thanks for the tips.. obviously I know that it takes a little bit longer which is why I said I will get some calmag and for the time being I put in some eggshells. there’s no reason to be a dick, friend. Shut your arrogant bullshit down at the door, thanks!! *thumbs-fkn-up*
  10. DUDE...You took everything the WRONG WAY....That was in no way against YOU ! Just a known fact...
    But you obviously already know it all...
  11. But why say that at all? Do you have a burning need to make someone feel stupid? Cause that goes on a lot in these forums, when it’s filled with new growers who ask for advice because there is ALOT of information to get a hold of with this stuff. Any thing you put into the soil takes time for the soil to break it down for the roots to use. That’s a known fact, and no it’s not quite necessary to comment on the fact that IN THE MEANTIME (in America its Labor Day so I don’t know where you live) I added some eggshells. I know enough to obviously mention that okay, if this is a calcium deficiency I should probably get some calmag- or some form of water soluble calcium so it can get into the roots faster. An overuse of magnesium can cause problems as well, so I was considering all things.
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  12. Another noob here, watching along, and agree about the grandiose attitudes.
  13. It’s just kinda lame ya know? Super exciting growing some plants! But I’ve been trying to figure out what this is, I get excited on having a reply and then I read and it’s like, well dang man, I’m trying. Just looking for some nice advice from some fellow growers who maybe have seen these things before. everyone was a beginner at one time.
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  14. BUT, Budmiser really was trying to help you out, you read what he was saying the wrong way. You must be out of smoke right now. That's how I get.
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  15. Lol, no ones outta smoke here, that’s for sure. Not sure what you mean by that. It was a direct comment made because as a quick fix I mentioned I added some super fine egg shell powder. I was clearly aware of the information he stated rather rudely, which, once again, was why I said I have to get some calmag.

    A simple, yeah dude egg shells are great but definitely take longer to get to the plant. Good choice on the calmag, it might work a little faster. Save those plants! would have sufficed.
  16. when it’s filled with new growers who ask for advice

    This is BEYOND ridiculous !
    We have NO WAY to know what a new grower's skill level is ,when they ask us questions...
    And if you get your little panties in a wad over nothing, ...Then don't ask for help.
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  17. You said you're a noob, and he had no way knowing what you know and don't know. I'm not trying to be a dick, I'm just explaining that things aren't always what you read into them.
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