Weird spot has appeared on my plants leaf

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Noah lucas, Dec 9, 2022.

  1. Hello! this is my first time growing so I’m not familiar with all the signs, I have some very young marijuana plants, about a day ago a weird dark spot has appeared on one of my plants leaves, if someone can help identify and give advice on this it would be greatly appreciated, thank you! 7FB52DA2-9146-49CA-8079-16917226E458.jpeg
  2. Why didn't you just post this in the thread you started yesterday?
  3. That didn’t pass my mind for some reason, sorry
  4. Seedlings often have funky spots or wrinkly leaves that they grow out of. If the dark spot spreads and the plant doesn't grow out of it soon, may be some root issues, in which case you would want to make sure the drainage is good.
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  5. nute burn: try this: Nutrient Burn

    good luck
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  6. You put your seedling in new compost/potting soil which at times can be a little to hot for a seedling.

    If you dug up dirt it has about 5% organic nutrients in it . Potting soil really doesn't have any soil in it .
    Plus dirt retains water differently then bagged potting soil less soil.
    good luck
  7. If you want help make one thread. you need to choose which member is willing to help you and stick with him or her.
    Getting a bunch of different opinions sometimes is not productive .
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