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Weird Situation W/ Test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pwnies, Jun 5, 2013.

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    hi all, hope all is well. i quit smoking last year, but in mid april smoked about 2 hits a day for 3 days. i took small hits out of a bowl and was probably buzzed for a total of 4 hours throughout that time. normally, i would know that i am fine for my drug test in a week, but i have not exercised at all (injury) besides like 2 hours of basketball until last week when i started working out again. i am 5'10, 170, have a decent amount of muscle but put on some fat because of my inability to exercise. i would not even remotely consider myself fat though.
    i am worried that the minor THC in my body stored in my fat is getting released as i work out, and is now back in my system and will appear as "fresh" to a drug test, like i just smoked.
    should i be worrying?

  2. Not sure. I know a quick home test should give you your answer. They are like 25-30$ give it a try.
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    do you believe there is an actual possibility? i took like 5 hits in total and they were usually of resin. only 1-2 hits were of weed and even those amounts were small, on purpose. i just want to be sure
    btw, the test is 50mg/nl
  4. I don't really understand the whole 50mg/nl thing. I know though that when I first went on probation I stopped smoking for a month before being able to clearly pass a test. But I was smoking pretty heavy before that.
  5. ok a 50 ng/ml test? They are going really easy on you man!
    to ease yourself, go buy  one( a few) of these
    they have a 15ng/ml cut off. If you can pass that, you are more than golden. I think  you wil be fine. 50 ng/ml is a strangly high cut off. What are you getting tested for?
  6. its for a volunteer position, and i have the form they give out which indicates they used MedTox, which I have found to have 50 or 40 mg/nl cutoffs, depending on what screen they use. regardless, i am still having issues with my intake and how it could show up. it really was so minimal. i didn't even get high, just SLIGHTLY buzzed, so im doubting whether or not any notable amount of it got stored in my fat cells.
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    Drug testing for volunteer work. thats hilarious.... :laughing:
    anyway, lets get some facts down
    A. You have thc in your fat cells. THC is fat soluable as you well know so yes its definatly in there. Don't stress on that. We are only worried about detectible metabolite levels in your urine.
    * Fun fact. urine tests dont test for THC itself, just the byproducts of processing it.
    B. You SHOULD want to burn up the thc in your fat cells. if you do that now, you metabolize it and excrete it before the test. THIS IS GOOD.
    C. However, you should NOT be doing fat burning the day before/of your test. In this one situation, your fear of burining thc into your body to excrete could be a very bad thing and very real.
    Taken from the sticky at the top of the forum, after light use, the detection time is 3-7 days. Since you stated that you stopped smoking last year ( how long ago exactly was this?) than picked it up for a few days means that for the most part, you are not a heavy smoker anymore. If you were, then you would need to worry about the 30 day or more detection times. To give you a rough "FMA" figure, id say that you will be fine in a week.
    1.Keep that water intake up, keep exercising, stop doing exercise the day before the test.
    2.Day of the test, wake up early and start drinking water.
    You DO NOT want to give the lab your first stream of the day. Your first stream of the day has the higest level of metabolites in it.  I'd like to get in 2 or 3 bathroon trips before going. if the test is at 8am, your ass is up at 3 or 4am and hitting the water. You do not want to give them first stream at all costs.
    3.Eat something high in fat the day of.
    IF you eat a burger or something a few hours beofre, you will be burning less fat as your body will be working on processing the fat you just ate.
    4. Advice for RIGHT NOW. Start eating a high fiber diet and grab a magizine.
    * fun fact: Did you know that a majrotiy of that thc will be leaving your body through tool and not urine? This is why water binging is mostly useless unless you are going for the dilution method.
    Hit or miss, it in theroy can work, but its quite tricky to pull off now a days since labs know people do it. Read the sticky on the levels of things the check for.
  8. thanks for the advice. i quit in november 11, and smoked 3x in spring 2012, quit in the summer, quit for fall 2012, then picked it up in april (hence the post). i passed a test after 53 days of no smoking after heavy chronic use. i am starting to think i am just being paranoid. if i were smoking a lot during those few days, i believe i would need to be more worried.
  9. Calm down dude, I smoked in mid-late May and I'm barely worried. I know that's just me, but you're in decent shape based off uour height and weight. You shouldn't be worried if it was almost 2 MONTHS ago and barely any weed. Good luck
    Ok triple take :eek: .
    I just realized you wrote that you smoked 2-3 hits in mid april. Its freaking june dude. You are so good you could probably piss 24k gold. you are wayyyyyy in the clear. Though I understand your paranoia. Im at almost 80+ days clean and im still nervous for a test that Probably isnt going to happen since I start next week.

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