weird shit you were scared of as a kid

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    So i kno a lot of kids are scared of weird stuff as a kid.

    personally, i hated chucky e cheese and the bear motherfucker in the video below

    [ame=]Barney Campfire Sing-Along (Part 3) - YouTube[/ame]

    i absolutely HATED that fucking bear.

    he scared the living shit outta me haha
  2. i thought barney was a dinosaur dude lol
  3. [ame=]Courage The Cowardly Dog Opening - YouTube[/ame]

    stupid dog made me look bad :D

  4. watch the video dude.

    i had so many nightmares about the bear in that movie haha

    even now that stupid fucking bear is still sorta creepy
  5. Chucky that little doll made me scared as hell thought all dolls where alive. And out to get me .. My sister had a fee with glass eyes eww
  6. Oh my god, the opening of courage the cowardly dog used to make me cringe. so scary for some reason lol. Slappy from goosebumps wrecked my childhood though.

  7. yea i changed it now.

    i'm talking about that stupid bear in the video haha.
  8. to this day, i cant walk down a halloween isle without getting antsy lol. dont know why.

  9. shit dude. so many scary ass memories of goosebumps lol. especially the fucking mask one
  10. my grandma scared me i would always hide when she came over...then she died

  11. hahaha wow same here. certain old people scared me
  12. I was scared of the vents in my grandma's house. My sister, my best friend and I used to all believe Satan lived in there. We tried to come up with plans to defeat Satan.

    One I remember involved stuffed animals and a forklift or something like that.
  13. haha! i didn't even see that, how creepy
  14. the aliens from signs

  15. u talkin bout the barney vid?

  16. yea, i missed it at first cause i skipped around

  17. oh haha yea, that bear is still sorta creepy even now haha
  18. The hallway between mine and my parents rooms haha I was always scared as fuck to walk (or often sprint) down it at night after a nightmare because it passed our front door that had a glass window that would create creepy shadows like people looking in :eek:
  19. ^ haha ya, that reminds me in my old house I used to always run up the stairs because it was just so creepy walking up them and thinking about someone coming from behind you, or i'd walk up them sideways lol

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