weird shit man

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  1. i have this thing that comes up in my dreams, no matter the theme of the dream, i could windsurfing on a beach or fighting orcs in middle earth but out of no where i see this beautiful girl and then whatever was going on becomes irrelevant.
    i follow her for a while not saying anything, not going anywhere particular, then, she jst lifts off the ground and i follow not thinking anything of it
    as we get closer to the sun, it suddenly goes black, and i cant remember atm if the moon comes up but suddenly her face contorts, like all the skin was pulled insanly tight, and it becomes veiny, all color drains form the dream,her mouth opens revealing mangled teeth and a seemingly black hole, her beautiful locks of hair turn into a mangled mess.
    then the dream becomes phisical, as im part awake and part asleep, i just keep staring at her. and ya know that feeling where you get horrified and your stomach gets butterflys and you feel sick? i get that feeling, and the wake up horrified.

    weird shit man
  2. Damn thats creepy as hell
  3. I find this very interesting. The message our subconscious can be sending is very important
  4. Whatever you see as beautiful in actuallity, may be made of that disgust you witness.
    Maybe you need to look at the things/people in your life a little more closely. Don't let your gaurd down. Examine.

  5. i thought about that already, but honestly ive kinda alientated myself lately.

    and the only girl i thought was beautiful lately (like me too:ey:) was really, good person all around.

    so i rulled that out

    sometimes i think i can see the future cause i have moments wehre im like i knew that was going to happen, or i know something is and act accordingly.
    (could be coincidence, probably is, not trippin over it.) but i think its my subconcious telling me my next girlfriend will be a doozy:rolleyes:
  6. idkk tho i think its something deeper.
  7. I wish I could comment how I want to as I have a girl or woman I follow in my dreams and nothing else matters...she doesn't go evil dead on me though.

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