Weird shit just happened

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by FartSmoke, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. I was sitting on my balcony smoking a cig, a semi drove by and a barrel fell off his trailer. I went outside and walked over to it, and it's being shipped to a local construction company, and all it said was "white elements"

    Why does weird shit like this only happen to me when i'm stoned?
  2. pics or...

    just give us pics

  3. I second this notion!
  4. haha this just made my night
  5. Open it up!
  6. Open it and inspect these white elements. Sounds interesting.
  7. Step 1: Take it hostage
    Step 2: ???????????????
    Step 3: Profit

    and pics haha
  8. Pics !!!!!!!!!
  9. You haven't opened it before posting it?!?! Mind. Blown.

    Personally, I would figure out whats in it, and maybe post, if the contents are pos worthy. But the suspense was a great tactic to lure in us stoners, I'm contemplating subbing this to find out :p
  10. Maybe it is plutonium, that shit goes for a lot on the street.
  11. Maybe it's cement!
  12. dude don't open it. its semen.
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    it's obviously the monster off of final fantasy X.


    Step 1: open it and take pics.
    Step 2: upload pics to GC and post.

    oh ya.
    wear a mask when you open that shit in case its toxic.

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    Ah I was stoned and sleepy and didnt want to mess with it. If its still there when I get out of bed I'll take a pic

    It wasn't there this morning :(
  15. well if hiimhi is correct, you are now able to levitate.
  16. un-sub'd :(
  17. damn you man, i woulda stolen it :D
  18. I wanted to, but I didn't want to carry it all the way back home
  19. You should have snagged that barrel dude, early bird catches the worm or some shit.

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