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Weird Shit Crazyness

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cobraclone, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. OK, My house is a capecod like house built in the early 60's. The upstairs is the master bed room where me and my girl live, along the side is storage(6 door craw spaces all connect 3 on each side craw spaces on each side) anyway we own the house, I was in the craw space and found a box with exactly 2.2g of tree, old cigar box had old ass papers. Well any way I took all to the head bong hits, that shit was tastety very dry so I say it had to be old as fuck, no seeds. I have had alot of good shit before and this shit got me stuck and I mean stuck, then serious munchies set in. Just thought I tell u about my free find today.:cool::smoking:
  2. damn lucky find dude that reminds me of the time when my dad found a sack of weed in his trailor
  3. holy shit thats pretty cool.

    some ancient hippie weed
  4. I can remember a time back in the day, when my friend and I were cleaning out the inside of my car, my friend found a nug that had been smashed underneath the floormat. The thing was we were out of weed so we were really happy to find it. Nothing beats the feeling of scoring weed for free!

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