Weird Sex Organs On Power Plant

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  1. Hello,
    This is my first post and I hope I've done it in the right place.
    I'm doing my first small grow with seeds. I've done one before, but it was from clones. I'm growing 2 Cheesy Dick,  1 Moby Dick, and  4 Dutch Passion Power Plant. All of them are from feminized seeds. 
    Most of my plants have started to show sex. I'm waiting on a few of the CD and MD, but most of them are looking female. However, the Dutch Passion Power Plant looks... weird. I guess they look male, but I'm not sure. Their sex bits look more like a new leafy branch growing out. It's odd that out of 5 feminized seeds, all of them would be male. I'm feeling panicky. I don't know if I should pull them or not. They've started showing a few days ago and I'm worried they'll polinate my other ones (the few I have left!).
    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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  2. just jumping in cause i'm on my first grow too
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    Female but very very early, really to early to be certain, wait another 2 weeks, to be sure these plants are purported to be female, what experience have you regarding there final sex????
  4. Thanks mate! You've made me feel a bit better! If I leave them for a couple of weeks aren't I risking pollination though?
  5.  All of them are from feminized it would be rare to find a male, rare not impossible, just stay sharp, you'll be fine
  6. Thanks. Maybe I'm just being overly paranoid. I've read that usually 1 in every 10 fem seeds is male, so I guess I just thought maybe I won the unluckyness lotto. 
  7. Negative on this account, look into how seeds are feminized, put your mind at ease, I'd be more concerned with genetic malformations, obvious on some strains the giveaway is the deformed leaves, the unluckyness lotto.  ...would be going to the grower with too much nute or fertilizer in with the plant,....having seeds ain't so bad, at least you can start breeding ya own!!! 

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