weird sesh??

Discussion in 'General' started by leglize_freedom, May 31, 2009.

  1. I was just with my mates and we went to a mates house for a sesh and i had some purple haze and they had some shity homegrown with leaf in it and I brought out my weed naturally as is polite and i would rather smoke my stuff then theres anyway and the guy that was choppin just threw my weed back at me said its all right but he had already taken some from other people just not mine? and when we had finished he just said oh well theres none left and we all fucked off.

    This guy was my mate we used to be hell good mates when we were little.

  2. Good story but next time post in the "Real Life Stories" forum. :)
  3. maybe it was the way you offered to pitch. I don't know man, who cares.
  4. thats a long sentance
  5. maybe he didn't like your. and maybe he was expecting you to smoke him up since you have been friends for so long and he probably buys from you a lot.
  6. so you didn't load the next bowl?

    you're right that must have been a pretty weird sesh. haha just messing man

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