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Weird Sensation in eyes when baked?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ENiGMADubz, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Hey so as of recently when i smoke a fair amount of weed, when i look around with my eyes and move them really fast i get this really weird feeling, its like a instant rush in my eyes and kinda makes me dizzy, but it feels good but i'm pretty worried as i dont really know what this means, bad or good. Thanks.
  2. Do you know if you've been smoking the same strain? I know Moby Dick makes my eyes puffy when I smoke it so maybe you got a strain effecting your eyes as well
  3. Mate, I don't think it's anything bad. Does it happen when you're just moving your eyes/focus more than normal? You're probably just high! Keep enjoying.
  4. Yeah it only happens when i move my eyes and its usually only when im pretty stoned
  5. I think you're good man! Seems to me like you're just super high.

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  6. Cannabis expands the blood vessels. It's probably just a blood vessel in your eye that has expanded and is rubbing against your eyelid

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  7. My face used and eyes used to get warm when i was really high. I used to describe it as feeling like melted butter. And I'd get this pressure in my ear. It didnt hurt, just felt weird but its how i knew i was good and stoned.

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  8. Back in the day, we called that "eye gouger weed"!!;)

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