Weird seedling.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Gr33nMike, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Hey I recently planted some seeds and there's one that looks like it has 4 round starter leaves. Anyone know what's going on? [​IMG]

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  2. Very early..she should normalize shortly..BTW: I would ditch that peat cup..They leech away water very fast..Solo cups (punch drainage holes in the bottom) work much better imho.
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  3. I chose these peat cups for my starter cups because I'm the past I have had trouble transplanting when it comes time to. When I used solo cups they actually dried out faster than these have proven to. I'm going a different route with these because I'm not home super often I'm leaving them in the south window to get all the sun they can in early stages until they have some solid roots. I mean correct me if I'm wrong but I've had trouble getting home from work in time to keep them watered while they're under the grow light. But now that they're both opened up I figured I would get them under the light as extra light when the sun gets low I'll leave them under there for a few added hours in the night. I have 1 gallon pots to transplant into when the time comes. Or should I have a stage in between. These decomposable cups are probably give or take a pint.

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  4. OK, but I think you will be sorry..I used them too but they killed 1 seedling and stayed super dry no matter how much I watered..
    I usually only water seedlings 2 times a day in the solo cups..JMHO and good luck with all!
    Even though I have a bunch of good/great seedlings stay under cfls until they get into their permanent homes..5 gallon fabric pots.
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  5. Fuck those pots man I used them this grow and I lost 4 seedlings I popped four more of the same strain in cups and had no problems I transplanted all my other seeds that were in those pots out of them. Never again lesson learned

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  6. Thanks for the advice on the cups everyone. These plants are already in the cups so until they're ready for transplant it is what it is.
    Update on the plant this morning [​IMG]

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  7. What strain is that? Just curious
  8. I'm not sure my girlfriend found these in the last bag she bought.
    Shit was good though

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  9. Looks like it had a mutation. How did this plant turn out?
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  10. This one died but it’s sister is Doing well [​IMG]

  11. Wanna see another mutant? This one is a Big Blue Cheese Feminized..NOT TMV/Virus, heat, PH, Soil, nute, etc related! Still deciding whether or not to let her finish.(Need the space)
    I always wondered if making feminized seeds would cause more mutants than normal.
    11-5-17 BBC.JPG
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