Weird sculpture

Discussion in 'General' started by fukface, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. This sculpture is fucking weird! But i like it....

  2. The guy who did that makes the fucking most intense sculptures lol.... Im not positive but i believe he has a museum typed location with a bunch
  3. It's called The Young Family by an artist named Patricia Piccinini. It was displayed as part of a 2003 Australian exhibition. The beings are part human - part dog. Pretty wild.

  4. Hahha yea, i said it was a guy, but i didnt know, i just remember stumbling upon that shit a while back, its fucking ridiculous

  5. Renaming that thing "Bad Vibes Sculpture" that's all I got out of it, creepy. :S
  6. Is that a monkey ass?

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