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Weird, really intense highs. Is there something wrong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TokingNoob12345, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. So I haven't smoked in over a year. I always envisioned myself as a bit of a stoner, around 16 or so I got interested in the culture, but didn't actually smoke until I was 18, I've got high somewhere between 5-10 times, and they've all gone something like below, with varying intensities.

    I got some weed from a friend, rolled up a joint and smoked it. I was completely taken aback, I didn't expect the high to be so strong. The first thing I noticed was that time slowed down. A lot. Half an hour legitimately felt like four or five hours, music was in super slow motion to the point where I noticed tiny, tiny intricate details that I still notice now when sober.

    My vision was in frames, seriously, it's like every "frame" of vision lasts a good half second, so I could see things changing in a sort of strobe light effect.

    I got full body shivers and tingles, legit felt like mini orgasms every-time I moved and to some degree even when stationary.

    Another really weird thing was that when I looked at my computer, it was like I was watching myself typing. Like I was watching a video of myself typing from behind. I couldn't see the back of my head, but my hands looked huge and my laptop screen looked far away.

    Food tasted fucking incredible, it's like I could taste everything that something was made up of. I had some oat yogurt thing and I could feel every single oat individually in my mouth, and when I swallowed it, I could feel and taste it all the way down my throat.

    But if I'm honest, I didn't enjoy it that much. I got really panicky and ended up feeling like I was suffocating.I read one similar post on here, I can't remember what I searched to find it but even that didn't seem as intense. One of the replies on that post was that it could be an allergy to weed itself, or some underlying brain disorder like a tumour. These both worry me a lot, I can (and will) get an MRI scan for the tumour, which I was planning on doing anyway as I have other symptoms common to that, but how could I test for an allergy? I love the culture and positive posts I see on here and I want to be part of it some day.

    PS Another thought was that it might be laced, but other friends smoked it with no problems, and I've had weed from quite a few sources with the same effect.

    Edit: The joint was only around 0.3 grams, and I didn't even smoke it all.
  2. a year clean'll do that every time...
  3. ...had 42 months clean n smoked a bowl...

    ...felt like a drunken spaceman
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  4. Yeah just low tolerance, its like smoking first time again. Also stuff friend got you was probably more potent then what you use to get

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  5. Yeah man, reset tolerance and dank-ass piff will do that! Completely will change your perspective on your highs, I swear. I never tolerance break, but if I did, it be tempting just to have that level of stoned again. It'll regulate itself soon, but enjoy.

  6. If you don't enjoy it at that intensity I would try limiting your intake. No need to keep smoking once you feel it.

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