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Weird reaction to weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by WeedDeed5, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. So the other day I went to a friends house and he offered me a hit of a dab pen, I was a little bit anxious but I calmed down took a puff waited 5 minutes felt nothing, he offered me more hits, again felt nothing, then I was fed up and wanted to feel high so I took one last big puff from this dab pen and it hit hard but not in a good way. the underneath of my thigh felt like you combined growing pains with uncomfortable numbness, I didn't even realize it but I was rocking back and forth, fortunately I didn't have a panic attack because I calmed myself down and eventually went to sleep and felt fine the next day, it was very uncomfortable, will this go away the more I smoke?
  2. No, stop smoking imho
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  3. I can't tell if this is sarcasm or if its genuine
  4. Dude, you took too many hits and had a bad reaction. That's all it was.
    Next time take it easy.

    A big tolerance would probably help a bit, but we are talking Dabs,
    which are way more powerful than flower.
  5. I'll take that into consideration, the weird thing is months before this I had taken 2 thc pills and felt absolutely nothing which weirded me out
  6. Was u coughing really hard or anything? That just dont sound like anything from just smokin but could be somethin ive nvr heard of

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  7. Was this your first time with weed, at all?
    There is always that thing that when you're early on, sometimes you don't get a lot out of it in the first your body sometimes needs a certain point of saturation or some such, in order to really feel it at a perceivable stage - I just think that some waiting would have been in order on the first 1-2 hits...'cos it seems like you took yourself a bit further over the line than you were prepared for.
  8. That's true, next time i'll be more patient. And it was my second time trying weed but first time getting high
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    Maybe marijuana just isn't for you.. sounds like you got too high & freaked out lol we've all been there at some point:confused_2:

    Next time take a few hits then chill for 30-60 mins & see how you feel.. if you need more smoke some & repeat the chill part..

    If you do get too high & freak out again just remind yourself it's just weed it hasn't ever killed any 1... Literally the only way to die from it is smoking a lb or something stupid in 15 mins lmaooo or if someone dropped a 1lb on your head from a height lol
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  10. Chicken dinner
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