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Weird Reaction to weed. .. help?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by watsonpwns, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Alright,
    So recently, I have been smoking pretty often, like once a day maybe? if not a couple?
    When I bunn I generally munch out.. and those "munch times" usually fall in the places of my meals.. BUT since my schedule got weird recently, i've been bunning at weird times and thus eating at weird times! For some reason, when i spend a couple days in between bunning now, i do NOT feel any hunger, whatsoever.. so if i dont smoke.. i wont eat.. it's like .. i just never feel hungry if im not high.

    If anyone has experienced this, orr. has any theories.. let me know!

    - That was very difficult to put into words.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. damn i know exactly how u feel it's not even funny. my solution was to just keep smokin.:confused_2: but other than that i dont really know what to tell ya. but not eating is not good, so u should still eat even tho u dont feel any hunger
  3. it souds wierd but changing anything in your life that youve done for a while can affect your eating habits drastically.
  4. the same thing happens to me, i cant eat unless i smoke weed usually, like i can but i dont feel like it, and then i get a sick feeling from not eating (the reason why i stay high now haha) but yeah man u should either smoke weed everyday or stop smoking for a while i guess,i chose to smoke more weed, dont be worried tho its not anything un usual bro. msg if u want some help or somethin, i know what u mean.
  5. You just have to eat anyway. It's unpleasant at first, but eventually it tastes alright again.
  6. yeah, i havent had anything besides human meat since '98. that solved my problem right there, i suggest u try too
  7. My eating habbits are so rediculously fucked up that I'm pretty much just never hungry. Except after smoking of course. I can go a day or two without eating and not even notice it. In my case though, I don't think it has anything to do with weed.

    Sidenote: its 9pm and I haven't eaten today yet. Not hungry :p
  8. Lol! Awesome.
  9. if you quit for 2-3 weeks your normal appetite should return, other than that your issue stems from over-spoiling your brains food/pleasure smoke and ate until your brain decided baked food is superior to sober food. you can either smoke a bowl to incite hunger. or take a break and treat yourself with munchtastic food less often upon your glorious return to the world of ganja.

    you MUST eat if you can't sit and eat a meal, than you need to eat meals in snacks.
    (ie) if you get mcdonalds, eat the fries now, in 3 hours eat the burger.
    divide your meals up you know and just eat a lil every few hours. your body will recognise the normality of the ingestion and pick up on it and your apetite will return.
    this sounds more like an eating disorder honestly. do you suffer from any medical conditions you are aware of?
  10. Thanks for all your replies!
    I'm glad to hear that more people than just me have this problem
    haha, i thought i might be severely fucked up or something..
    I guess i'll just do what i've been doing.. smoke a bowl before I eat,
    because i don't really want to quit right now.
    And as for the comment to baked food being better than regular food?
    it IS better.. . food IS way better when i'm high, and I get way hungrier.
    haha, I suppose weed is the cure for it's own fallback.

    ++ haha just realised, : isn't this a sign of "addiction"
    , lol... that word makes me laugh (just because it's pertaining to weed)
  11. im always like that.or i have been for a long time.but i do other harder drugs to so thats probably why.its not that serious though,or at least i dont loose any sleep over it,just do what obejii said and it will all be cool.

    luck :]
  12. That happens to me too. If I don't give myself the munchies, I'm not hungry 90% of the time. Or I will feel reeeally hungry, but just don't want to eat, so I'll take a few bites and toss the rest. Ever since I went through chemotherapy, my appitite has been even worse too.
  13. chronic use of the bud decreases your appetite, that simple
  14. yeah dude i get the same stomach gargles but im still not hungry its wierd but yeah but u just gotta eat at least a lil somethin
  15. Is it acctually a KNOWN problem though?
    haha, guess I just didn't know it was like.. a pre-known fact that weed
    gets rid of hunger? hahaha.
    that sounds fucked to say
  16. its not a "pre known fact" thats ridiculous, everyone reacts to weed differently.
    But you can train your mind to associate smoking with eating. I think it has more to do with your mind than the weed. if you were to never have heard about munchies and never pigged out like we all did in the beginning then I think you could have a healthy appetite regardless of smoking. after i stopped eating alot after smoking, it became easier and easier to eat not high. Now its still easier to eat high, especially if im trying to eat a lot, but i get hungry and can eat meals fine not high.

    think about this and try to change your eating habits when you smoke, it may help you like it did me
  17. I had a similar situation, but with a twist. I broke my own rule and blazed in my mom's house (as opposed to my appartment, stupid move), and she caught me. For the next two days I only drank water and couldn't eat anything. After that, I smoked again and ate a feast with my buddies. I think I couldn't eat more or less from the stress of my mom catching me, but I kinda know what you mean about not having an appitite.

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