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Weird reaction... REALLY weird reaction

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by theguy3387, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Hi there. So I'm new to the weed scene (I've only smoked 5 times) but I seem to have a rather unique reaction.

    I go batsh*t crazy.

    For at least 10 hours I'm high beyond all belief. I can't stop rubbing my beard and arms, usually can't communicate, can barely manage to baby walk, etc. Last time I started tweaking out on the ground just thrashing around, weird stuff.

    How much do I smoke to get to this? 4 rips from a bong. And I am absolutely positive nothing has been laced.

    How can it affect me like this? My friends who are veteran smokers are just amazed at what happens to me. No one has any idea what the heck is going on.

    Anyone here have ideas?
  2. I'd say its laced, never seen or heard of anyone reacting like that.
  3. Maybe it's because you're new to smoking? Idk but i'm fairly new myself and the first few times i tried it i had some of the same reactions you did but not anywhere near the extreme you described. I couldn't stop rubbing my arms or legs and i thought i twitched a lot. However i was only doing a couple hits or a bong rip and then i stopped.
  4. If things are happening as you say they are, it either is laced or is some kind of incrediby super heady. A 10 hour high? That doesn't even happen when you eat cannabis, and it shouldn't have such a dysfunctional effect. Quite odd.
  5. it's probably almost completely psychological. realize that you control your high (you do!) and this should go away pretty fast :bongin:
  6. I have got to get me some of what your smoking ha ha,its probably because your tolerance is low,nothing to be afraid of!enjoy it! although i can never remember getting a ten hour high lol, i smoked weed laced with acid or something once,that was weird......
  7. Sounds like you're smoking Extacy.:rolleyes:
  8. i gave my mates mum a super cookie, she was baked for like a day or 2 straight man, she couldnt stand up for 10 hours lmao. funny as fuck.
  9. It's all in your head, man.

  10. sounds like meth, If no one else experiences this from the same bud, you probably aren't in control your high, just think, "it's a molecule inside my head, I'm strong enough to control what it does to me".
    but a 10 hour weed high is insane, I had 6 hour highs at first.
    if the bud isn't laced, that's weird as fuck
  11. you just get really good weed and you're not used to it.
  12. Do you enjoy it? It doesn't sound terribly enjoyable. If not, stop smoking.
  13. seems pretty crazy. try smoking less or trying to breath more oxygen it sounds like you are oxygen deprived try asking your friends how to smoke correctly you may not be inhaling after your hits or breathing out all of the smoke.
  14. I had a friend who thought he was an animal once because he was so high, and I was wrestling with him because he was fucked up. He thought I was some other type of animal attacking him..

    I guess some people just get their mind blown. I know the first time I got fucking blazed I was just like.."Whoa, I'm fuckin out there."

    I wish that still happened..

    I doubt it was laced, it's all in your mind. Take one hit, and get use to it, instead of pounding a few times. Maybe you should just start with regs, assuming that's not what you're smoking.

    It will fix that shit.

    no, im kidding. but seriosuly, you are ok. this will go away and you will buzz high next time and do everything you want to do.
  16. One of my friends stopped smoking because he did shit like this.
  17. I can see that happening if it was a really hard-hitting bong and you aren't used to it. Next time just take 1 hit at a time and wait until you feel it before taking more.
  18. Dude, you're new to weed, you're taking to much. Your body just can't handle that much THC. Just take it easy, take like one bong rip, wait around 20 minutes, see how you feel, if you can handle another one go for it. I've gotten that reaction before after i took like 20 bong rips. Hahah it's natural, just know your limits man, don't try and keep pace with the veteran toker friends.
  19. Have you ever thought about taking less rips?


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