Weird racial question

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  1. Why do people think black people and white people are different at all? I've been told that I "act white." Is it that they're intimidated by black people and I don't intimidate them? It's strange how I can't really do something without it being assumed that all black people do it too. And if it doesn't conform to the regular "ghetto" black guy the media prefers then I'm acting out of my "natural" character?
  2. its called a stereotype
  3. Ionno, i guess black people just got there things. Same with white people.
  4. you're the only one who can decipher who your 'natural character' is, fuck everyone else. Don't let someone else's idea of what and who they think you are get in the way of figuring out who you are.

    Skin deep, man. It doesn't matter.
  5. Black people from baltimore are loud
  6. There are social differences between different racial groups, but it comes down more to demographics. Generally, if you're race is outnumbered by another, the minority will have a harder time fitting in.

    Here's my take...

    When I was young, I lived in Winnipeg, where there are mostly whites, but a good mix of other ethnicities as well. The second largest group (the minority I am talking about) is the Natives. The Natives in Winnipeg (not as a whole, but a majority) are dirty, dishonest, and the cause of the majority of the crime the city is known for.

    At 18, I moved to Saskatchewan, in an area where the whites and the Natives were pretty much on an even keel. Both groups had a few bad apples, but for the majority, we all got along and the people were honest, good hearted individuals.

    Now, at 20, I am in North BC, where there are significantly more Natives than whites. Guess what? The whites are the cause of all the crime up here and we are looked down upon by the Native populace. It's all demographics.

    Luckily for me, I look like a Native (Metis, unofficially), and thus I am not associated with the crime in the area, but if I looked as white as the rest of my family, I would be constantly hounded by the RCMP because of the crime rate caused by Caucasians in the area.

    Sure gives you perspective, that's for sure.
  7. people who say things like that are generaly retards. i dont act "asian" people always say i act "white" or "black"(when im bumpin tha subs). i grew up in iowa and people expect me to either be a smart nerd, or a karate asian. i always laugh when people ask me why i dont have an accent, when ive lived in america pretty much my entire life and english is my first and only language im fluent in. like when i talk some people would be suprised if i didnt say " oooo herro. prease to meet you" or they give me a strange look when they see i dont have an asian name. you act the way people around you act when your growing up. it has nothing to do with the color of your skin. you cant act a certain color, only a certain culture.

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