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  1. Ok so I ordered 2 autoflower seeds and they sent me 2 random seeds along with it, one auto germinated and is now roughly 10 days old, I have 10 regular seeds and the 2 randoms which are all also 10 days old, I can’t tell if the one random seed is an auto or just way bigger then the rest besides my autoflower.

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  2. Could be just the pheno of the plant. Or it could sadly be a male.
  3. Well it’s a feminized seed but that’s all they told me they have a big list of the free seeds and there is a few that are autos
  4. This is my for sure autoflower

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  5. I
    id say just keep an eye on it and let her grow. Could be a Sativa too. They are known to grow tall and skinny. Indicas will grow short and fat.
  6. Ok, I was just thinking maybe it’s an autoflower since it’s on it’s 4th set of leaves and they others are only on the second
  7. Interesting idea but I don't think you'd be able to differentiate the two at this point

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  8. Yeah it’s too early too tell now but I will be sure to update in a few weeks, it will either flower or it won’t
  9. Theres no way to tell the difference from a pic. You'll have to wait and see. Just because its taller doesnt mean anything

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