weird question about making organic water

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  1. i was wondering if you can put the leaves that fall off of ur plant and put them in a gal of water and let them break down in the water because the leave have the nutes n them and then the leaves themselfs are organic so wouldnt that make organic water then or something like that i was just wondering if anyone else thought of this and if itz a good idea
  2. yesh, that is a wierd question...
  3. You want cannibal weed? Next thing you know, it'll be going after YOU!

    On the other hand, it you get good results, you could name the plants Audrey II.
  4. ive ground them up and put them in soil before
  5. u usually dont want things dying in your soil it cause rot and even root rot
    2 you probably dont want leaves in water
    have you ever seen leaves in you pool there clear not green
    all the chlorophyll has leak out i dont know that watering with chlorophyll is such a good idea
    and all leaves do on a plant is absorb sun and turn that and the water it has stored into sugar :wave:
  6. it's perfectly fine to do this, just make sure you filter out the plant matter when it's done. You should let it sit for a day of two in the water, then boil it and let it cool. You can use soybean meal too, that would probably even be better cause it has estrogen. (make sure the water has proper pH too, before introducing it to the res).
  7. thanks for the info guys

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