Weird Purple Tip??

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  1. Sup everyone.

    Any idea what's happening here?

    (P.S. the one attachment is refusing to insert full size, but it shows the clearest pic)

    20190813_085634.jpg 20190813_085537.jpg 20190813_085527.jpg
    This is a younger girl (germinated in early June) who just started flower. We had a storm roll In two days ago, so I locked her up for 12-14 hours in a dark, warm shed. I doubt that would have f***ed with her too much, but I can't think of anything else suspicious about her treatment lately.

    She's in a 10 gallon fabric pot of coco/perlite mixed 60/40. Nutes are GH Flora Micro, Fox Farm Tiger and Big Bloom, as well as Sensi CalMag. PH of her feedings (every other day) is generally between 5.8 and 6.3.


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  2. Idk kinda looks like some sort of fungus or mold

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  3. Good question.

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  4. I've had super dark purple strains before and when flower started they would look like that.
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  5. Im having the same thing on my girls outside that just started flowering ;

    They are only doing it on a few different tips though not the whole plant so I’m curious as to what it is too...

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  6. Some new pics. I snipped off the one affected tip to be certain.
    20190814_065436.jpg 20190814_065557.jpg 20190814_065523.jpg

    It doesn't look too much like mold, but that's the only thing I can think of. This is a Blue Dream fem, so a little coloring isn't too much of a stretch....if we were looking at the end of Flower. But it's only mid-August. She's only small-medium in size, and Flower literally just started. I doubt she has so much as a dozen pistils yet.

    Like I said....just on the one tip. Everywhere else is green green green.
  7. Wow. Excellent contribution. Thanks a ton.
  8. Yep you're completely fine.
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  9. Updated. Now I've got what looks like some sort of deficiency going on. I know a few discolorations are normal in flower...but this seems a little too much and a little too quick. We're talking like...0 to 25% of the plant in a matter of 48 hours.
    20190815_182907.jpg 20190815_182910.jpg 20190815_182937.jpg 20190815_182948.jpg
  10. Not a deficiency looks like too much nutes. Burning up the plant.
  11. That's odd. I haven't exceeded 400PPM yet, and I've only been feeding about once every three days. I fed my last grow 500-800PPM daily, and never had a problem. I figured I wasn't feeding this girl enough. Wouldn't nutrient burn appear first in the leaf tips?

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