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Weird pot problem

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cuttie_Potti, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. Hi Guys!

    I am confused about pot that using from a few weeks, bcs:
    - It is sticky AF, literally when you grab it it sticks to your fingers.
    - To get stoned i actually have to take just 2 medium puffs
    - Last week I raw eated about 0,2 grams and get hella stoned
    - It has this brown color
    - Suspicious smell (like very dank and kinda soil-organic)
    - very hard smoke

    The tops looks normal, for sure it is a natural cannabis, but it's still hella weird. I'm most concerned about getting high from raw eating this thing.

    Can you guys help?
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  2. post a pic and was is your history of use..??

  3. This litlle thing right here. I think the WB is litlle to warm.

    So I've been using pot for about 1,5 years. I smoked many diffrent weeds, and i know what do good stuff means. I smoked from a few dealers and one friend who had a plant at his house.

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  4. Looks golden could be the strain or left on the plant longer so it has more cbd effects or they cured it longer. You’ll have to ask him/her.
  5. it's has weird leaves, like they were put in the bucket with resin. on it's surface i can see something like litlle crystals. when i touch it it makes my finger sticky.
  6. Its probably still wet and, hasn't fully cured yet.

    Buds come off the plant wet and, dry over time. Then when its dry enough to break up with a little force its good. You want a little moisture in your buds but, not enough to make it feel wet.

    I hope this helps. :D
  7. Sounds like good pot. Unlike many think, you can get high from eating raw cannabis but it works better decarbed.
  8. today i smoked that pot, i smoked before weird one. and it feels different. i can see things more "clearly", and after the weird one i feel like i was going somewhere down into the ground, but that's just some subjective thoughts.
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  9. Looks like some stuff my brother had last year. They probably just grew it out to be full amber to get the super stoney couchlock

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  10. Billy??
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