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weird post-smoking experiences.. is this normal?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zmoney81, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. alright let me tell you everything i can tell.

    first off, im a complete newbie to toking. yesterday was only my second time. my first time was a month ago, i smoked some sort of piff with 4 friends. yesterday my friend offered to smoke me up for free [it was headies] and i only took 2 hits cuz the blunt was almost gone. i felt chill for about 30 mins at the park. then, as im walking to my friends car to go to taco bell i started really feeling it. i get this robotic feeling. my friends say they dont get that feeling but i do, its like im moving like im doing the robot. haha. but anyways, we sat in the parking lot for 3 hrs and i went home. i was all numb and "robotic" til 6am the next morning going to school. i was absolutely fine. then, i get to school and i start talking to my friend about the day before. suddenly, mid-sentence, i forgot where i was and my body fell completely numb. throughout the whole school day today, i was numb and i felt like a ghost. i couldnt feel my lips and my fingers & toes keep curling up. i cant feel my face at all and at random times i forget what im doing, and i cant grip anything. i slurr my words like crazy and my friends say they dont know what im talking about. well all day ive felt like that. after school walking around town, i just felt so out of it. and "comfortably numb". its been over 24 hours since i smoked, and i still cannot feel anything and i feel like im sinking. i did sleep for an hour and a half after school but as soon as i got up i felt messed up again. and its exactly 30 hrs now since i smoked, and everything feels as if i just smoked 10 mins ago. is this normal? cuz im starting to get freaked out.
  2. I got the same kind of feeling my first time smoking some bombb,
    It felt like shit and i never wanted to smoke again, but i did. :]
    It lasted a long time and felt like a bad hang over.
    Smoke some more.
    Now i smoke alot.
    Every hour actually ;]
  3. haha. some of my friends are trying to get me to stop, but smokin just makes everything so much easier. im just not liking the part where i have to talk to my parents while im slurring my words so much they dont know what im talking about haha.
  4. :D Damn I wish I could be high for over 24 hours. You should be fine the first time I ate cookies I felt that way but it was more around 12 hours. If you don't feel fine tomorrow you probably smoked some other shit.
  5. It's not normal, but I have had an experience like that before.

    Once upon a time I made a bunch of hash oil from a ton of schwag. The first few times I tried just a few drops of oil on top of a bowl and it had a nice effect. But one time I basically drenched the bowl with the oil. It got me incredibly blazed for the rest of the day and I was still feeling it somewhat when I went to sleep...

    ...When I woke up the next day I did not feel like "me" anymore - I felt disconnected. I felt very light and the world around me felt like in slow motion. I wasn't sure if I would ever be my old self again. At first it really freaked me out, but as I got used to it I wasn't sure I wanted to be my old self. The feeling lasted for the whole day and I fell asleep in bliss, and woke up feeling normal the next day.

    It's probably not that you are high for an extended period, but rather a mental state temporarily flipped on by the extreme high. My guess is it will fade in a day or two, if it's anything like my experience.
  6. well its the second day. today i woke up feeling fine, but as i was getting dressed i started feeling all messed up again. putting socks on was the hardest thing ever, i felt like i didnt have the strength to do it. my fingers and toes keep curling still. i went out to eat with friends at a buffet, and i couldnt even hold the dish cuz i felt like i was gonna drop it. when i chew gum i cant even feel my mouth. haha. my numbness seems to worsen with physical activity. when i put my hands in my pockets to pull out change, its like the coins weigh 12 tons cuz i cant even pull them out. when i sit for a while and get up, my movements feel in slow motion. im starting to get used to it though. its just getting annoying haha. thanks for the help guys ^^ at least i know im not alone :p

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