weird plant symptoms in early stages

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by fat frog, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. So this is my first ever grow
    my plants are a little over 2 weeks old and are a strain of indica autoflowers.
    My other plant which had the exact same treatment is completely fine but one is twisting to the sides and is starting to get tint little yellow spots.
    I spent days trying to identify it but just xouldnt.
    Hoping somebody here could help me out.

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  2. If you have two plants under the SAME conditions it could just be a mutation, it happens. Play it out and see what it does. It looks like that side node is getting lots of light due to its structure, could be a good grow

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  3. when the picture is blown up big it looks ok ,,,ive had lots of plants start like your plant with odd shaped leaf etc ...and they have turned out fine ...but one thing if you can trans plant the plant in its final pot very soon ,,,,mac,
  4. From my experience, twisting contorted leaves usually mean the pH is too high. What are you using for soil? pH?
    Could be just a genetic failure.
  5. i wasnt really thinking about transplanting because autoflowers dont really like it, i had a bigger pot prepared but wanted to experiment with this one plant and leave it in a small one, quantity is not a problem of mine really, but thanks guys! if anybody has any more info anything ia welcome!
    the yellow spots worry me more than the folding to be honest
  6. Test PH!!

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  7. Yeah i still havent gotten my hands on a meter, but wasnt thinking the ph could play a factor since both my plants had everything the same and one is excellent and the other folding like that

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