weird place to masturbate

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  1. were is the weirdest place you had to bust one off?

    i did it at work one time,
  2. tanning bed. nothing else to do in there..
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    at work in my car in a church parking lot lol
  4. I masturbate when I drive some times.
  5. grandmas house

    think thats about it
  6. haha, good shit.

    I nailed my ex girlfriend at a tanning salon once.

    She was quite the exhibitionist.
  7. out in the woods under the full moon lol

  8. haha that seems like it would b fun/exciting what did u get off to though lol?
  9. i was out there tripping, started thinking of my girl and past experiences:p
  10. a convent , with nuns and stuff
    come to think of it, i'm going to hell.
  11. In the cinema, in a library, at work, in a car while my ex was driving, in a pub...but then I suppose you could go into the weirdest places you've had sex because most of these times I've been with someone else at the time
  12. haha me too dude

  13. somebody driving a car. . .one eye half closed. . .

    teeth clinched

    all the truck drivers honk when they pass him
  14. hotel bathroom
  15. you are soooooooo BAD! and your going to hell:laughing:
  16. a public bathroom
  17. I know you wont believe me but I was in the back of my parents rental car on a family vacation, while they were driving on some highway south of San Fransisco. (not exposed, but concealed of course)
  18. On a speeding train headed from Florence to Rome. I remember I was sitting in my carraige when this beautiful looking local girl glided past my window. She seemed to float more than walk, to bounce more than gait. Her hair caught the setting Sun outside my window perfectly, and turned a fierce blood orange. And her low cut skirt mimicked the movement of her curves perfectly. There was something in her smile that suggested a secret that was just making her burst at the seam. And the way her eyes stole a glance my way made me think that she had orchestrated this entire scene just for me and as if she wanted me to follow her to wherever her feet may take her.

    I then proceeded to go into the lavatory down the train car and masturbate like a teenage fiend... fun times.
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  20. ^^^LMAO you post is awesome!!!

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