Weird pipe I can't use. Help?

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by TheIrishLad123, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. So I got this pipe similar to this one.[​IMG]
    It has a carb and a hole to inhale - but there is no damn hole in the bowl... just no hole for smoke to go in...
    Maybe manufacturing error?
  2. yup i seent it before
  3. Yep. Take it back or drill it out
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  4. Smash it in a rage of anger
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  5. Think of the weed you'll save. :(

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  6. Ha ha, make bank and sell it as a tolerance pipe.
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  7. lmao thats hilarious,cant ya take it back to where ya got it and be all like wtf dudes
  8. Unbelievable! You'd think if you went through that much fucking effort to blow a pipe, you might remember the one final thing that actually makes it smoke-able. Damn dude, I've always felt like I've seen some shit when it comes to pieces...but this...this is a new one.

  9. Just get like a 3mm masonary drill bit, put the pipe in a bowl of cold water and drill through it.
  10. Op I thought up a name for your piece.

    The "smart pipe"

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  11. supposedly if you do this its really bad fer the lungs(inhaling micro particles)
  12. Oh dear, my lungs are gonna be fuucked
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  13. I feel you.....this one is too tiny for me to even hold/light properly. :(

  14. thats honestly pretty rare to come by, and at my shop if we notice those they tend to get pulled off the shelf since obvious reasons. boss usually gives me the ones with appeal issues (too bumpy, warped, cracked, whatever) its awesome being the only other employee sometimes ^_^
  15. A standard dremel drill with any kind of diamond bitted grind tip will put a hole in it with ease, but I'd just go for a refund bro.

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