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  1. i was drunk out of my fuckin mind for the first time, n i woke up with a hangover so i slept all day... when i woke up i went to my moms room to sleep and i had the most fucked dreams. it kinda scares me.... first i was getting raped by some bigguy.. he was really heavy and i couldent do anything about it... next dream i come out of my body, i feel drunk more drunk then when i was when i was awake.... i couldnt see straight i felt drugged up it was fucked. i could barely get out of my body properly. i never felt more fucked up... i walk 2 feet from my moms bed. and i notice i cant see my self in the mirror, trying to see myself in the mirror, i was looking at a fan that was reflected... i try to see my self. then i realize im back in the bed still looking at the fan, but my perception didnt change....

    kay and this other dream i was sleeping and my cat comes to rub on me n shit.. then she lays down.. then some other animal type thing is walking on the comes up behind me and starts to hold me.. like it was hugging me. it was fucked up... i couldnt do anything cuz i was sleeping

    can u guys help me? is there something wrong with me?
  2. First. There is nothing wrong with you. What you've experienced is a global phenomenon that no one can comprehend.
    Second, drunk dreams are the craziest.

    Back to what happened though. Im about 95% sure you've completed and Astral Projection. Look it up if for a great analysis over it. You actually induce it by accident.
    A technique is to wake up, and go back to sleep. When you wake up at the right time, you will end and REM session, and going back to sleep right after that will start a new one. This is where Astral Projection can be done.

    If you start researching about it, you'll realize it's a fantastic, undescribable thing. But, doing it on accident is easier than training for it.
  3. Astral Projectionnnn

  4. Doubtful that there's anything wrong with you. I get fucked up dreams when I go to sleep drunk too.

    There are much worse sleeping problems out there (night terrors for example) so I wouldn't worry. Go to bed tonight sober or high and see what happens.
  5. You where drunk. So being "drunk" is actually your body being poisoned, so you had paranoia dreams after being poisioned it's normal.
  6. i just want to know, why did you go and sleep in your moms room after you woke up.

  7. BAHAHAHAHAHA. I read that but it didn't even process in my brain.

  8. my moms bed is more comfy :)
  9. is that the only reason?

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