Weird omegle convo.. real or bullshit... read and help me out lol

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  1. You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    You: Hey asl?
    Stranger: Hi
    Stranger: 17 person finland
    Stranger: you?
    You: person lol. would this person have a penis or not have a penis?
    Stranger: this person may soon have a penis
    You: and why would you go and do a thing like that?
    Stranger: because i want to look like i feel. a male
    You: ha well whatever floats ure rubber ducky kind sirma'am
    Stranger: wha-
    You: u know... whatever floats ure boat... and sirma'am... u know.. ure kinda in between now right?
    Stranger: Yeah
    Stranger: My english is too crappy for this ::D:D:
    Stranger: Fail
    You: umm... chick wanting a dick.. fail.
    Stranger: umm. i'm not a chick
    You: oooo so the guy with the mangina??
    Stranger: i can't go to womens bathroom anymore because they kick me out
    Stranger: kinda so
    You: thats fucking creepy bro. straight up.
    Stranger: hah
    You: hah??
    Stranger: that you are creeped out because what i said
    Stranger: or what i am
    You: your a female.
    Stranger: nope
    Stranger: but i'm not a chick. It's not me. I'm malle, deal with it
    Stranger: i dont care about gender. I care about the person
    Stranger: but yes i like chicks too
    You: so your a girl thats really a guy who digs chicks and dudes...
    Stranger: it can be said like that too. . .i think
    You: hmm.. and what made you have tis revelation?
    Stranger: Anything made me have it. I would want to be either female and happy about it or male and happy about it
    You: alright.
    You: fair enough.
    You: congrats i guess and best of luck.
    Stranger: Thank you
    You have disconnected.

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