Weird Noises Outside

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  1. This is 100% unrelated to weed. So tonight I'm laying in bed and I can hear a strange whistling noise combined with like a deep low rumble noise almost like thunder and the ground shakes severely. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada. There have been reports like this in multiple other parts of Canada and other areas around the world. It's unknown as to what they are. Some say the government digging tunnels underground or maybe aliens. I don't want to even begin to imagine. In sketched out as fuck right now. I've heard of these before but never actually experienced it. Anyone else heard these or know what I'm talking about? Go to YouTube and look up "strange Moises heard Around the world" that's exactly what I'm hearing right now. Fucked up shit. I can't sleep now.
  2. Subbed for more info.
  3. I just posted a status on FaceBook and everyone else ears it to
  4. where are you in saskatchewan? i'm here too, i wanna hear lol
  5. the chupacabra move north and to east to migrate, never west

  6. Inb4 HAARP
  7. Haarp^^ damn I almost got you
  8. Tihanachu where are you in sask?
  9. What do you mean by HAARP? I know what it is, but you think it has something to do with it?
  10. Its the illuminati man. Prepare for a new world order soon. Killuminati spread the Word.
  11. Idk but i think all of us should start going outside with aluminum foil covered hats on so they can't pick up are brain waves. Also no electronics you won't be able to get a high quality image anyways as they probably only run night ops. I am a true believer in aliens as i have seen there ships twice once with a group of friends that i pointed out to them and they saw it to as it dived down. I feel as they are monitoring us as a species and seeing how evolved we are becoming and what we can possibly create.
  12. I hope you aren't serious.
  13. saskatoon
  14. Aluminum foil is too conductive, that's just misinformation spread by the Rothschilds family to increase the power of their brain scanning devices and artificially inflate the the price of Aluminum.
  15. I believe in the Illuminati. I don't really see how you can't? It's so obvious. Almost too obvious... Sometimes I think the Illuminati is just a cover-up to something bigger. If they were really trying to keep they're "secret" society hidden then try wouldn't symbolize it. It's a distraction so that we don't see the big picture...
  16. I'm from melfort. I can't hear them anymore. But if you open your window or go outside you should be able to hear them. Look up "strange noises heard around the world" that's what it is.
  17. HAARP is going to blow up the earth in seven days. Everyone has to get to Cape Canaveral in Florida so we can get on spaceships to go to Mars and start a new world.
  18. It's a fucking made up by conspiracy theorists.
  19. I hear a deep low rumble right now.. The ground is not shaking but it sounds like a paint shaker in a hardware store but I am a ways away from it... It's half past two on the east coast as well...
  20. Ya man that spuds about right

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