weird new growth pattern after topping

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by StonerDayz, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. A friend of mine has this plant and its growing some weird colas after topping. It was topped at the second true set of leaves. The fist set has single fingered leaves where as the second has 2 fingered leaves 4 colas in all. And the growth started out light green and is slowly turning green IMG_20160316_175917.jpg IMG_20160317_155715.jpg IMG_20160317_155711.jpg IMG_20160317_155718.jpg
  2. Little too Hott for that little one :) plain ph'ed(6.5)ish water for the next watering. When you topped it that was stress on the already hot soil, just give plain water for the next couple waterings with a little run off should do it :) what Grow medium are you using? Soil or soiless mix?
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  3. Organic soil suitable fore tomatoes
  4. Same as i said before then :) that should only need plain water for the next couple waterings :) if you want to help with the burning a little quicker use a little powdered gypsum and yucca extract with your next watering, those will both help smooth out an organic mix. The gypsum will add much needed calcium and a future buffer against excess salts or burning :)
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