weird new growth!! Help me please!

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  1. I have this plant , not sure what strain, but anyways its about 6 weeks in flower. I had to go out of town and she got dried up badly. all the leaves were drooping and the branches starting trying to twist on me. Its been about 2 weeks since the tragedy, and i noticed a weird new growth right out of the top of the buds. Not the smaller buds but the larger buds. To tell the truth i didnt think it was going to make it. All the bigger leaves and some smaller leaves turned brown and fell off. I had to tie the branches into position, and they are still bent alil. Its under a 400w HPS with another plant about 2 weeks into flower. Temps are 78-85, and ph is around 6. The only food i have given it was Alaskan fish meal, once before i flowered it.

    1) What is this growth? Is it normal or is it turning hermie?
    2) Should i cut it down and cut my losses? ( i have another plant in same room that i could replace in its spot.
    3) I have another plant same info as far as light and temp ect, but the leaf ends are curling down and eventually dry up, but the rest of leaf is fine. Mostly the older fan leaves. What could cause this?

    --- Please help me guys, Ya always came through before!! Thanks for looking~!:smoke:

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  2. Your plant is re-vegging for some reason.

    Some reason's they do this are: light leaks, wrong light regieme, sudden change in lumen availability, exposing plants to light in the middle of their dark cycle. You will have to figure out which of these applies tho.
  3. looks as if it's starting to reveg. do you still have it under 12/12? plants tend to push out weird single spiked leaves when they convert back to vegetative growth after flowering. that usually only happens if the plant is given light for longer than it did during flowering. It could go back to flowering if you make sure you're giving it 12 or less hours of light, but there's a good chance the existing flowers will die off before that happens

  4. Yep I agree. If some of the buds are tight I would trim off those 1 finger re vegitative sections or they will produce lose runny buds as well as discourage your other tight buds from maturing.

    The re veg tops would be a good source of new clones just clone them and put them under 24on light cycle as soon as the leaves return to five finger Put them back into the flowring room under 12/12 they should grow normally and beging to flower again. How long this will take depends on the strain.

    I just hope the existing buds have not already getting lose and runny.

    Good luck
  5. So.. should i cut off the very tops, or just cut the whole plant and start over? Whats the chances of the plant turning out good if i just cut the tops? Thanks for the quick replies guys

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