Weird Names You Call Your Pets

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Cat Man Do, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Ironically, this type of behavior on his part leads to us walking in safety and friendship through zones where many people say they won't go because of all the savage dogs; the savage dogs see my dog and just look like, "oh, there's that cute little tramp who domed me earlier. i guess him and his people are ok."
    Except the homophobe dogs always end up biting him.
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  2. I call my dog butthead sometimes. Cause she acts like one.
  3. bastard come and eat
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  4. i call my jack russel sugarplum little turd mr
  5. I call my dog, "Bubbasaur"
  6. My dog's name is Lucy. When I want her to pay attention to me I sing "Lucy Lu! I love you!" I also call her Lu Lu, or bitch if she's in a mood or has recently chewed something she shouldn't have lol. If she comes up to me and puts her head in my lap I'll say "what's up pup?" And sometimes I'll call her my little mountain goat cause when she was a puppy and someone would make goat noises she would get excited and try to climb on top of my head.

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  7. i have a little cat called Mac who i regularly call snack pack, mac attack, snap back, butt crack, flap jack, etc.
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  8. I noticed my dog always respond to her name when I call it, Nara.
    If I were to say peanutbutter she wouldn't even look my direction. If I say something that rhymes with her name, like lawra, she think I've said her name.
    Normally I call her Agashi which means baby girl (daughter) in my language.
  9. A mate of mine has a dog called Monster. It's a tiny little Pomeranian so it's name is just a joke really. This dog has the same personality of its stoner owner (that rhymes), it just lazes around and smiles a lot, it's great.

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